Monday, September 3, 2012


Today looked like maybe it might rain and a little
sprinkling accurred. A few times the wind really blew.
But all in all it was a great day.

We did a pot luck and boy what good food. I had some
things I have never had before.

I had walked Fred earlier in the morning. He didn't seem to
want to come in so I put him on the longer leash and came
in to take a shower and do some choirs. The next thing I
know Bruce is bringing Fred home. We cannot figure out
how he got off the leash. Nothing was broken or chewed.
And he was still wearing his collar. I guess I won't be
leaving him out alone anymore.


This tiny little Petunia is from last summer, I also noticed some yellow snapdragons coming up.
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day.
Good Night All


  1. Lovely cloud pictures, Jo. Sounds like you had a good day inspite of your dog getting off the leash. My daughter's Basset constantly tries to crawl out of her harness, Has to always keep an eye on her.

  2. Oh, good thing you caught up with Fred! I rarely leave Jack out for more than a minute or so while I run into get something or to the bathroom. I have a cable tie out. Jack would never chew it, but I got two when he and Lizzie were young--they could break most any rope if they took a mind to. I didn't leave them tied out because I was afraid of another animal attacking them--they'd be at a disadvantage being tied up. I was at several state campgrounds in south Georgia where dogs were dumped and left to fend for themselves. Fortunately, I was sitting out when one decided to attack Lizzie. I saw him/her running full speed toward our MH and was able to get Lizzie up and in as I was weilding a broom that wouldn't have done a darn thing if I hadn't gotten in, too.

    Also had a raccoon sitting on my steps one morning when I opened the door--he was not very pleasant either.

    After writing all that I realized I read your statement incorrectly. Sounds as though someone might have let Fred off his leash? Just glad Fred is safe.

  3. Fred was just testing you. He would have been back at the first sign of rain. Good cloud pictures.

  4. Are you sure that's a petunia and not a Johnny Jump Up?

  5. Good morning Sunny,
    Fred can get out of a harness faster than it goes on. His body shape just doesn't work for a harness at all.

    Thanks for coming by today.

    Hi Nancy,

    I usualy don't leave him out there without me. But I needed to get ready and he just plopped down and refused to move. Maybe he had a plan in that little head of his. Our park is fenced, but that doesn't mean anything when it comes to wild animals. No one removed his leash it is
    still a mystery. We have taken several walks since and the leash has not come undone. I may just have not had it clipped properly. Since he can talk and probly would tell anyway we will never know. I will get a new one just in case the clip is to old.

    Thanks for stopping for a read.

    Hi John,
    haha yes he would for sure. We know rain isn't his favorite thing.
    Glad you like the clouds.

    Hello Judy,
    I never planted them but the seed could have come from a bird. It is so tiny.
    Nice of you to stop by today.

  6. Whew, glad they brought Fred back to you! I'm sure you were quite surprised.

  7. Hi Cyn,
    I sure was shocked. I guess he figured since all the guys were out there talking he should be a part of that. Littles turd.

  8. I think Judy is right on the flower. Now, it she was naming a bird I KNOW SHE WAS RIGHT!

    That Fred!

  9. Hello Phyllis,
    I guess the seed got there via bird. I don't remember ever planting them but then I don't remember lots of things.

    Thanks for coming for a read.