Saturday, September 1, 2012

Just Taking Pictures

I was walking around and finding things that caught my eye.
It was a nice day a little warm but then a gentle breeze would
come up.

Ron dropped off the wooden covers for the A/C unit and the
sky light for winter storage. I can snow pretty hard here and
sometimes the snow is wet which makes it heavy. Don't
need those things cracked and leaking.

Had dinner with my neighbors this evening and we actually
were able to eat out doors. Of course that was with the help
of lots of repellent.

After eating walked Fred and then took a shower to get off
the repellent.

And thats all for today.

Good Night All


  1. An interesting assortment of pictures, especially liked the clouds.

  2. I loved the fallen tree! :)

  3. Well .. I see a rabbit holding his carrot in the first picture and a guy picking up a branch to sniff ... He likes trees :) in the second ..,

  4. Good morning John,
    I love clouds. I like finding shapes or faces in them.
    Have a great day John, thanks for coming.

    Hi tinycamper,
    One night we heard a loud crash, It was a fallen tree hitting the ground. There are lots of them ready to hit the ground.
    Glad you stopped by Thank You.

    Hey Carolyn,
    You have a great imagination. Keeps one young if there good and fun things we see.

    Have a great day where every you are.

  5. Love the pines... anything pine! I can almost smell it, yumm! the flowers are alway so unpretentious, simple beauty.... Have a great holiday weekend, Jo!

  6. Hi Sunny,
    Yes nature is so beautiful. I love to just wander around to see what I can find hiden or just there.

    You have a great weekend too. And thank you for stopping in for a read.

  7. Hello JoJo, I dropped in from HermitJim's blog as I often read and or comment on his posts and always see you comments as well. So, being the curious type I decided to drop in for a visit and found we are a couple of things in common: My husband and I are NJ Born and raised (Plainfield and South ORange and between us have lived in Somerville, Ogsdenburg, Parsippany, Beachwood, NJ. We have been living on the VA eastern shore since 2005 in a small town of 500 people and have fun blogging about our adventures. We take lots of road trips, but don't own an RV. We have fun blogging and invite folks to drop in for a visit anytime.