Sunday, September 16, 2012

My One Year Old Smiley and Ducks?

I have been hearing ducks lately. But since I can't see very
far or that is way to far for anyone to see. But today I thought
I saw something moving around in the little pond in the
meadow So I came back and got the camera. I didn't know
if the camera could catch the ducks, but oh yea it did. Not
real close up but it got them.

The day was really nice so I started pulling up the tomato
and zucchini as they were really done. Trimmed back some
flowers as they are just about done now to. I will not plant 
anything as I will just have to pull them out before I leave.
I had some fake fall flowers and I stuck them in the pots I 
emptied out. Sure brightened up the yard. Also got rid of the 
3 legged table. One of the neighbors took it to bring to a
second had store.

Worked on a few more tiny hats and one that needed to be
a replacement for a scarf that its hat was sold.

And a picture of my Smiley who is just 1 year old now.

His truck is hand made out of potato chip bags


I wonder if these ducks are from Woodland Lake
I haven't been there in a few weeks so I don't even
know if there is any water left in it.
That's all for tonight.
Good Night All


  1. Smiley is quite a handsome young man. Good capture on the ducks.

  2. OMG is he adorable or what ?! potato chip bags? Get outta town!

  3. So you really weren't quacking up huh? ;-) Your little smiley guy is adorable! And the truck, wow. I remember when we were kids & we'd make things out of chewing gum wrappers. But the truck is talent!

  4. The truck is in the world did they do it? Smiley must be a happy baby to have acquired that name..

  5. Good morning John,
    Isn't he something they grow up so fast.
    I sure wish I had a better lense to get a closer shot. Oh well maybe in my next life. LOL

    Hi Carolyn,
    The only real reason to go home for a little while anyway.

    Hello Cyn,
    Nope no quacking up, ;). I remember the gum wrapper stuff too. The wheels are made out of chew cans so I am told. They say you need lots of patience to make those. There is a blog I used to read the women makes purses out of plastic shopping bags. RECYCLE!

    Hi ain't,
    I don't know how they did it or how long it took but it is so cool. Smiley is always smiling and is such a good baby. I miss him. His name is Anthony.

    Thank you all for stopping my. Need to go get Fred and all day treat before I head out on today's adventure.

  6. I can certainly see where that baby got his name! Good pics of the ducks, for sure!

    Have a great day, sweetie!

  7. Hi Jim,
    Thank you he is such a joy and always was from day one.

    I had a great day Thank you for stopping by.

  8. The duck pictures turned out great. And your little Smiley is precious! :)

  9. Beautiful baby, and nice duck pictures too! I love the light on the background foliage.