Thursday, September 13, 2012

Today was no adventure

The sun was shining. Good start. Cold at 47 degrees, that's OK. I warmed up
nice and was breeze. Needed to run errands. Car won't start. Checked fluids
they are fine. Try again nada, make sure battery cables are tight. Try again. Almost
then nothing. So I call Good Sam roadside assistants. The car starts. Go to Auto Parts
Store and get the battery checked. Its going bad. This battery is only 2 yrs old and is an
Interstate battery. I'm not happy but what can I do. 
Glad it didn't go out while we were so far away from everything the other day or on our
next adventure next week.

Finished running my errands and came home in time to meet up with Lucy who came to
pick up the shelf thing. One more thing out of the way. Finally was able to get Fred's
kennel closed. Took a little whacking with a hammer to get the button to go in that
makes it fold flat.

Went to get change for the Art and Craft Christmas Show on Saturday. Hope I can sell
some stuff so I have less to bring back to Tucson.

The day is ending windy and chilly

Good Night All


  1. Must be that time of the year...just had to replace all three of our batteries in the rig!

  2. Good luck on the show this weekend.

  3. I guess I miss what you sell ... What do you sell ? and boo hiss on the battery ... Always scares me to think of being stranded with no cell service ... No more pay phones any where ... They're a collector's item !

  4. Good morning kcgaz,
    I read that in your blog. The second year I was up here with out the motor home I lost my truck battery. I really didn't know how old it was anyway so I bought a new one and after that when it was sitting for a long time I would disconnect it. Since I parked mine in my drive I always had it plugged in so no house battery issue. Battery really don't last long in the Valley anyway GRrrr. But still only 2yrs on such a good battery?

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Hi John,
    Thank You.

    Hi Carolyn,
    I sell my pictures and I make hats and scarfs. I have a bucket full. I also donate the soft yarn hats to th cancer center and some hats and scarfs to the adopt a family for Christmas. Selling some helps buy more yarn to continue to donate. And keeps my hands busy.

    1. Love that! I'm sure you'll do well ... good cause ... I wush I'd do something useful! You got pictures of your stuff?

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  6. Don't you love Good Sams ERS? It has bailed us out a couple of times.

    Best of luck at the craft show!

  7. Hi tinycamper,
    Yes they are really fast. But one time one of my friends was having trouble and she got the rudest woman on the phone. I couldn't believe what I was hearing on her speaker. That woman should have been fired for sure.

    Thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow.

  8. I used to have Good Sams but USAA/Progressive included RV/Car roadside assistance with our insurance that on paper anyway is as good as ERS, I guess some day we'll see!

    I'm glad you caught the battery on time, I got rid of Interstate, ours went after 2 years as well.


  9. You must be at the craft show while i am leaving this comment. Hope you sell alot!

    Batteries can go if you have a heat wave or a cold snap. Happened in our vehicles before :-/

  10. Hello Erik,

    I hope neither one of us has to ever find out who is better.

    And as for the Interstate I won't buy another one at that price it should have lasted a little longer.

    Hi Sunny,
    Just getting ready to hit the road. It is so cold this morning I don't want to leave the trailer.

    Yes In this State batterys don't last more than at least 3 yrs but this made me mad.I hope I sell plenty of stuff too. I am tired of dragging the photos around there very heavy.

    Thank you both for stopping by.