Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Winslow, AZ

Went to lunch with Jeannie and Liz today. Jeannie will be
heading down the mountain soon. So it was our final lunch.

Lucy bought a neat little boat today so after lunch we went
and picked it up. I have a hitch so it was easy. Once home I 
was so tired from a headache I had all day. Hope I don't
wake up with it tomorrow.

Now for more shots of the Route 66 adventure

I know the picture is blurry but I took them through a glass case. They are only about 2in high, they also had some that were 1 in.

Chair carved from petrified wood $1200.

Couldn't get good picture because couldn't pull over anywhere but it looks like some one actually went in and cut near perfect squares

I had Liz take the shots as I drove and forgot to tell
her how to use the extra lense.

This is a very small corner and it was closed

The visitor center was closed



what ever was in this alley is closed

All the widows are just painted this is just a wall that used to be a building

 More to come tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. At least you were standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona and such a fine sight to see.

  2. Well, you're sure getting around, JoJo! Love the picture in the window. I saw several of those sort of things in towns out west--good senses of humor. Always made me smile.

    Glad you're getting out and about. Certainly a better view than is seen from my couch!!!

  3. Good Morning John,
    HAHAHA I just had to make this trip. And I have no regrets. It is always what you make of a thing.

    Thank you for coming.

    Hello Nancy,
    I'm sure Jack is there too. Needed to get these trips done as the summer is just about over. And you never know what next summer will bring. I know Liz will be in CO. workamping. Lucy may be working or who knows. I am hoping to find a toy in the next few months for camping trips.
    Are you still taking your trip in Nov.?

    Happy to see you here for a read. Thank you.

  4. Haaa I had to listen to the Eagles YouTube when I read this ... Love that song! I was there wow three? Four months ago?

    It is sad those great little towns dwindling

    What fun you're having!!! Hurry up and come join me!

  5. Neat little place. Is anything ever open there?

  6. Hi Carolyn Again,

    I am having a great time. It took almost all summer to get going because of the move. Still need to find something to travel in my car is to small.

    Hello Sunny,
    We did find a tourist trap store open and they had some neat items. Picked up my Route 66 plate for the car or camper of something. The restuarant was great. I think Monday's thing are closed. If you make it here this winter I will be more than happy to go agian.