Monday, October 29, 2012

2 Possibilities in Vans.

Today my daughter Debbie came and we went to look at some clothes for me for the
 wedding. Of course it is way to early but wanted to some ideas. Only on top caught our eye
but couldn't find anything for the bottom.

Then we went to visit one of her friends.

I was checking out Craig's list and found an older model Class B. I really like the lay out of
this Van. It doesn't have all those cabinets that make it all closed in to were you feel like
the walls are closing in on you. It is in really condition from the looks of things and he
has all the receipts and the original books. There is another one I want to go look at
and it is about the same year but has more miles on it and I have no idea what the inside
looks like. They are asking much more for this unit. I will get the address and the phone
# for the second unit tomorrow.

The weather had been really warm here and I am not happy. But I guess I would rather
be here in the heat than back on the east coast. I wish them all well and to be safe.

Good Night All


  1. Anxious to see what you see... hope they're what you want ... fall foliage awaits! I think I'm getting the bug to see some... ;)

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    I am getting antsie to go off somewhere anywhere at this point. I don't know if there are any fall leaves to see in this State anymore but I would like to find them.

  3. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of your choice. Good luck on finding what you want!

  4. Hope you searching pans out, you've just got to get some sleeper wheels so you can get out and about.

  5. Hi Jim, My, special friend,

    Thanks for wishing me well in my search. I sure will be bringing my camera.

    Hello John,

    I surely hope one of them will work out for me. I need to get on the road again.

    Thank you both for stopping by today

  6. Jo, see if you can take the van in to a mechanic to have it checked over before you buy it. Any van you buy will probably need some work, but at least you will know what to expect if you have it inspected first. No nasty surprises later.

    I also love Class B's except for the wall to ceiling cupboards that chop the space up. Hope you find something you will love traveling in.

  7. Hello tinycamper,

    I spoke to the man selling and he has agreed to let my mechanic go over it before I buy. I will be setting up and app. with him tomorrow night for Thurs. Then I will call the other person and go look at that one. But I really like this floor plan so far. Very open.

    Thank you for stopping in.

  8. So excited for you! Hope it works out!!!