Monday, October 22, 2012

A really nice day

Had an app. today for my eye check up. This hazy thing has nothing to do with the cataract surgery. It is something Dr.L said can't be fixed and it goes away but yes it comes back. Well isn't that special. Other than that I have healthy eyes and the left eye cataract hasn't grown so it is to be left alone. I only need glasses for reading and as I have been doing  buy them over the counter.

I stopped at Safeway on the way home for 3 things and came out with about 6 bags. Tomorrow after the discussion meeting I still have to go to Wally world as I ran out of the yarn I am using. Of course I am almost finished and hope they have it here.

I was going through some old pictures today and found some I really love.

I  am so ready for  a trip!
Good Night All


  1. Glad your eye checkup went well for the most part. Is that called impulse grocery shopping?
    Love the pictures.

  2. Hello John,

    I needed these items but should have waited until I went to Wally world. Safeway is far more expensive. :(P

    Thank you for coming over for a read.

  3. Nice pictures... glad about your eyes... I really need to go get mine checked... but don't want to ... I'm afraid the doctor will say I'm dying. I really don't want to know that. I want to be surprised.

    I always go into a supermarket and come back with more. It's what I do.

    Hope you get out soon!

  4. Glad you had a good day. Your quick trips to the grocery store sound like mine!

    Love the mountains and rainbows. :)

    Will love tagging along with you (via blog) when you finally get to go!