Friday, October 12, 2012

Yesterday I was Sick

Yesterday I was happy to get all my errands done early in the morning. Hit Wally about 7  am. They had everything I needed at the Wally neighbor grocery store, including the hair dryer. Then went to the Post Office so I could stop the mail forward. But never quite felt right. And of course still hadn't sleep well. I bought that Greek yogurt stuff and I wonder if that is what did it or just from the drive. By last night I was sick. I felt like I had the flu or something. Every joint hurt and I had a terrible headache.  So I made some tea with honey and lemon. Started to feel a little better and went to bed. I also believe I had a fever as I was really hot. I turned on the a/c but I still did not have a good night. If I don't sleep tonight I guess I will have to go buy a memory foam mattress. I sleep great in the tt after I bought one for that bed.

Today I walked around the block with Fred a few times. It felt good to be walking again.

The weather has been great so far in the 70s but I guess by next week it will go back up into the 90s. :(P

The clouds hung around for the past 2 days and it has been windy

When I went to hang a wind chime today I found the makings of a humming bird nest. It was being made on a hook. I don't know if it every was finished and this is all that is left.
That's all for know.
 Have a safe and happy weekend.
Good Night All


  1. Getting sick is no fun...sounds like you are starting to feel better though. Love the cloud pix!

  2. Could have just been your body adjusting to the change of altitude. Glad your feeling better.

  3. Hi Cyn,
    I am much better thank you. Glad you like the clouds.

    Hello John,
    I never gave the altitude thing a thought. Thanks I do feel much better.

  4. You take care of yourself, sweetie!

    Very cool picture of the bird nest! I like it!

  5. Hi Jim,
    Thank You. I am just fine now been running around all day.

  6. Hi Jojo, here it is Sunday afternoon, and surprised to not see another post from you... hope you are feeling better. Sometimes all that packing and moving can get a body run down. I am doing mine a little at a time.

  7. aw, a hummingbird's nest... don't recall ever seeing one before! tee tiny little eggs I bet! and tee tiny little babies, I also bet...

    Love the clouds ;)