Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cold Morning, Warm Day

Fred wanted out quite early this morning. Like 5:30 am. So he put on his new sweater
and I in my hoody and out the door we went. It was quick. Grabbed me a nice hot cup
of coffee and sat and enjoyed.

Lucy, came by after her x-rays and we went to my daughters to hook up her dryer. Lucy
was in a great deal of pain and wouldn't take go for a reschedule. She fell while turning
hold something heavy from what I gather. I hope they can fix what ever she messed up

I sat out on the porch and restrung some wind chimes that fell apart with the really bad
winds we had. It was so nice sitting out there. I also refilled the humming bird feeder
and moved it under the other awning. It seems to keep the woodpeckers away. Maybe
tomorrow I can get some pictures. The hummer's here are much larger than the ones on
the mountain and they stay here all winter.

Good Night All


  1. Hope you get some hummer pictures. I haven't seen any around here since the cold weather moved in. Maybe they will come back when it warms up over the weekend.

  2. Good morning John,
    I'll try this afternoon after I run some errands.
    Thanks for stopping in.