Friday, November 2, 2012

First Class B :(

My friend Lucy stopped by today to give me an estimate
 on some work that needs to be done around my house. She
fixed the light fixture I made come out of the ceiling. Lucy
will get back to me with a price.

My friend Tom came and brought me a picture he had
enlarged and framed of a moth I had posted on my blog a
while back from Pinetop. It is beautiful. Then off we went
to look at the van. We both kind of said that's not it? At the
same time. Tom checked the fluids and they seemed fine.
The thing was nasty. It needs lots of TLC, more than I
have to give. The interior is very dark and cramped. All
upholstery needs replaced and the curtains were just plan
old and dirty. The right front tire was missing a huge chunk
of rubber and the fiberglass top had several cracks. She was
holding firm at $3,500. I might have paid $1,500. but that's
a big might. The pictures don't make it look to bad but it
was. I know it's old and I don't expect much But I
expected more. The drivers seat was wobbly and the a/c
and heater dash plate was falling into the dash.  There
was a wire with a 3 prong plug was hanging out of the grill. We
thought maybe is was an engine warmer?
On to the next one tomorrow. Oh at least
the bathroom was clean.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds to me like this was a wise decision to walk away...the right one will come along!

  2. Your patience will be rewarded. Probably not a good idea to buy one that needs that much work, you'd never get it out of the driveway for all the repairs.

  3. Oh yeah ... Too much work unless you're a love to fix stuff up kinda kid ... nah

    I don't know if the work involved fixing it up would even warrant a $1500 price

  4. Maybe the miscommunication what that she was willing to PAY YOU to take it away?
    Gross and disgusting.

  5. Good morning Cyn,
    Yes I will just keep looking. Today I am going to see another one.

    Hi John,
    I would really have to put way to much money into and I don't want to do that. Your right it would live in the driveway.

    Hello Carolyn,
    I love to redo things but not that much. I don't think seh understands how much tires cost. It isn't a car after all. Just to much work.

    Hello Bob,
    Maybe I should call ask if that's the case. haha Not even then would I want it. Maybe some who can do all that kind of work and is looking for a project but not me.

    Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your comments.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Hey, JoJo, I've been thinking that maybe after surgery in December and recovery that one day maybe I could travel in a van, too. Looking on line was discouraging because of prices, but it's just a pipe dream at this point, anyway. I want something I can cross country with again (if that is ever a possibility).

    First I need to concentrate on getting the trailer back into tip top shape--see what I could get for it unless my kids will use it.

    I'd rather keep the trailer and truck, but I have a feeling that will be nixed by my doctor. Sure don't want to undo what he does.

    Good luck in your search. I know your patience will pay off with a road worthy vehicle.

  7. JoJo - Sorry this one didn't work out... as people have said, the right one will come along!