Saturday, November 10, 2012

Route 66 Kingman, AZ

After waiting and knocking on some one's door we left without them. Kids today
 have no respect. My Grand daughter went and woke her up and told her she had an hour
to get ready. We have her 1 1/2hrs and she went back to bed. REALLY!  I hate waiting
and when you show that kind of out right dis respect. Not happening around me.

Anyway it was a long ride but when some one else drives and you get to see things it
isn't so bad. There were some nasty looking clouds and some really pretty blue sky's. 
I changed my settings as recommended but I don't know if it helped. So you can decide.

Still in Tucson

I believe we are passing through Chandler, AZ

You don't see much else driving on the Highway

Blogger seems to be having a problem lining up picture enlargement

How many readers remember Andy Devine?

I'll post more tomorrow after returning home.
And it sure is cold here  43 and the high tomorrow is 50 nice a warm.
Good Night All


  1. Neat trip so far. I'm glad you refused to let you self be dissed.
    If memory serves me Andy 'Jingles' Devine was from Kingman and there is a museum there in his honor.

  2. Kingman looks like a nice town to visit.

  3. Oh, Jo, your post is making me anxious to get to AZ!! I have been through Kingman and even chandler so many times. I love it there. I have never been able to follow route 66 but intend on doing so before I return east, oh yes!!

  4. Well rats! I'm on I-8abs you're on I-40... We're traveling parallel

    It's cold on Yuma too .. Heading east and south in the AM