Saturday, December 8, 2012

Benefit and Firemen

The Benefit went well. It was a smaller crowd this year but lots of people are not well.
The intake was smaller but it still helps them to do a lot of things. They said they had
 more requests for clothing and shoes from the schools in our area.

The Chief explained why they didn't work with the News Station was that they had no
guaranty the money or donated items would come to our community. We are pleased they
brought it back. There is still time to collect more things and maybe money.

I think this was the first time the Firemen were able to eat they're meal and not rush off
to a call. But just as they were leaving one company did have to rush out. These guys are
so appreciative  to have us work with them on these charities. And we are so happy to
There was one of our residents that needed them the other day as she fell or passed out.
When she came to she thought she died and went to heaven to open her eyes and see
these great big handsome men standing around her. One those guys was here tonight and
he turned quite red. We all enjoyed the story and all applauded him. We applaud them

Off to the Street Fair tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. Good morning John,
    It is one big great group of women that do this.I will send a bravo to them from you. And we thank you too.

    Hi kcgaz,
    There are so many people in need these days and you just can't turn your back on them.
    Thank you for stopping by today.

  2. Sounds like a worthwhile way to spend a day!

    Careful at the street fair!