Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cold Humming Bird

If you are selling something do not bother commenting on my blog or sending me an
e-mail.  I don't care what your selling or begging for. I will send your address to Spam.

OK now that that is out of the way.

We didn't get any rain or snow. But it sure has been nice and sunny but very cold.

I went to Safeway today and bought the ham for Christmas dinner. I even remembered to
buy money orders. So that is now out of the way. Tomorrow I will call ahead to Papa
Murphy's and order the Pizza for Christmas Eve. Took out the Christmas dishes and got
them washed so they are ready for the table. I think I am ready.

I filled the bird feeder today. I only feed the birds when it is very cold as it brings those
nasty doves that crap everywhere and try to build nests
 on the porch. Also made sure the
hummers had food too as they need all the energy they can get when its this cold.

Took these through the window. He stayed there a long time I wondered if he was OK.

He finally flew off after going to the feeder and filling up on fuel.
Stay warm everyone
Good Night All


  1. Jo, you sure set a beautiful table. Point the birds in our direction, it was 92 degrees here today.

  2. for the birds..we use a product called birdbegone (or something like that) It comes in a tube and it goes on like clear really does work! (no, I'm not selling it!ha!) but it works great for doves ...we have a problem with bats in the winter...never could have nice patio furniture. Just put a thin line where they want to land and can get it at Ace Hardware...

  3. I hear you about the birds. Last year we had a hummingbird winter over (in Arizona) and watched him sit in the bare branches all winter. This year there isn't one in sight. They must be at your place.

    Our seed feeders are full of birds everyday. We feed the doves and so far no nests around our place. Just saying, maybe if they do that we wouldn't be so eager. We have a lot of quail, finches and of course, sparrows.

  4. Good morning John,
    Thank you. Wasn't going to do it this year then everyone started to complain. It was cold and still is.

    Hello Sheryl,
    I'm going to give that a try. They make such a mess on my porch. Thank you.

    Hi Judy & Emma,
    Poor little guy.
    Nice of you to stop by.

    Hello JMD,

    The hummers are here all year round. I put the feeders close to the house now for 2 reasons, to try and keep them from freezing and to keep the wood peckers away.

    there was an article about feeders in the summer that said they bring rats and the rats bring snakes. I'm not here anymore in the summer so that problem was solved. Be careful

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I never saw a hummer fluffed up like that, either. Ours are always gone by early October. How nice to have them all year.

  6. Hello tinycamper,
    Yes I love to sit out there and watch them zoom in for the feeders and then fight with the next one to come. But I worry about them when it gets this cold. I will be leaving the Christmas light on I have seen then sit close to the lights for warmth.

    Thanks for coming.

  7. Hi Jo, i arrived at my brother's yesterday late afternoon. BTW, He feeds the doves :) Gets a kick out of watching ta gazillion of them come to his yard, but i don't think they get on his patio. Have a wonderful Christmas. Will be in touch after the first of the year for a visit!

  8. Hello Sunny,
    Welcome to warm sunny Tucson! Glad you arrived safe and sound. Will be looking forward to meeting up with you after the holiday.
    Merry Christman to you and yours.