Thursday, December 13, 2012

Out to Lunch

It was chilly agian this morning.
I changed the bedding to flannel as I don't like sleeping with the heat on. The did that
load of laundry and decided to wash the pillows too since I was sick. I had another set
from the motor home so I will just use those until the others finish drying.

My friend Terry stopped in so we went to lunch and had salads. Terry is off to camp for a
week up around the Phx. area.

The weather had been calling for wind and rain for Friday. They missed their mark as it
blew it started blowing in around 11 am today. I need to get up on the ladder and secure
the end of the awning as I really thought it was gone today. I don't know if my ladder or
me is quite tall enough.

It has been raining really hard now for the past few hours and may continue through

Internet has been tough and go tonight so I will hurry with this post.

Getting a good sugar fix for the night and the storm

Good Night All


  1. I'm trying to figure out who stole the sun, but looking at you pictures I can see it wasn't you. Keep warm.

  2. Hiya Jo ... got caught up with your posts ... loved the cactus pictures and well all your pictures.... what fun meeting the Ducks ... they look to be in fine feather....

    This cold business is really for the birds ... I'm heading farther south ... c'mon

    Like I said we need to get you a van and both of us warmer weather! great Christmas tree too... love the different colors ... that's Christmassy to me...

  3. Good morning John,
    Nope wasn't me. It rained hard all night and the wind is really blowing.

    Good to see you this morning.

    Hello Carolyn,
    Sounds like the group really had a good time. Hope you find some warmer weather soon.
    I'm glad you liked my pictures it was a good day for taking pictures. And loved meeting the Ducks.