Sunday, December 2, 2012

The tree is up

I didn't post last night because I didn't do much yesterday.
Ran to Michael's  to get annoyed but all the traffic and stopped at Famous Footwear to get a
pair of shoes. I have until the 21 to get the second pair at half off. But I am not wanting to
go near these places unless I get there when they are opening and leaving quickly. The rest
of the day was spent out on the porch finishing a wreath I made. It was such a beautiful day.

Today I figured it was time to get out the decorations. I put a few outside. The lights never
came on so I must have forgotten to flip a switch or something. The tree is up and done and
the snowmen have been placed around the house. Maybe tomorrow I will put a few more
thing around outside.

Hope you all had a safe and happy weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Hoping for a few pictures of the decorations.

  2. OH, where are the pics? You do such a nice job, we can't wait for the pics :-)

  3. I just have a small Norfolk Pine tree outside on the table. Not too many decorations as I move the RV around a lot. I try to do most of my shopping online to avoid the crowds, so far, not too much traffic where I am at.

  4. Good morning John,
    I still haven't gotten into how to buy more space, this head cold is really buggin me.
    I'll try again since tomorrow is my Steam Boat ride.

    Hi Cyn,
    I can't post pics as they tell me I used up all my free space. I will post pics as soon as I can.

    Hello Teri,
    Small is good. I am going to buy gift cards so I just have to go to Walgreens or Safeway.

    Thank you all for coming over for a read.

  5. Oh how I LOVE the crowds ... oughta be a law ... I sang I'll have a bluuu who ooo Chirstmas without youuuuu with Elvis today .., I say that counts ...