Friday, December 21, 2012

What a Beautiful Day

It warmed up so nice today. After walking Fred, ran to the
front door so he could sit on the porch. I took the flowers
out of there hiding places under the covered chairs and gave
them a good drink. I know they loved being in the sun again.

We walked again and lots of people out walking and
enjoying the nice warm sunshine.

Tracy, came about 4 pm after renting a car for her weekend
trip. We went to dinner. I was very disappointed in the food.
This restaurant used to have such good food. I ordered the
Taco salad and it was so dry I couldn't even finish half of it.
I had to ask for lemon for my ice tea 3 times. Won't be
going there anymore.

Not much else to report.

Be careful out there this weekend.

Good Night All.


  1. Glad you had a nice day. Sorry your dinner was ruined by bad food and service. Voting with your feet solves that problem.

  2. Good morning John,
    WE still enjoyed sitting and talking and having some good laughs. I'm glad it wasn't all about the food.

    Thank you for coming for a read. Have a great day.

    Hello AzDesertRat,
    It was Old Mexico on Valencia. Are you here in Tucson?

    Nice of you to stop by this morning.

  3. Just hate having a bad experience at a restaurant that once was a gem. We could not wait to get back here for a nice prime rib at a restaurant we liked. Monday's were always buy one prime rib, get one. So our 1st Monday in the area off we went. IT'S CLOSED!

    Saw your comment on no intention of returning to NJ. Not even for a visit?

  4. Poor service, tasteless or ill cooked food seems to be pretty standard. We finally gave up eating out because the two of us were not happy that we had paid for such poor food and service.

    The crockpot is my best friend most days.

  5. Hello Phyllis,
    I know what your saying about these restaurants. I know not many people eat out anymore but why make them never want to come back at all.

    No I would not want to go back to NJ even for a visit. I went back to live after being here for a few years and couldn't wait to leave. Then when my first grandchild was born I flew back. that was 25 yrs ago. I hate sketters the size of helicopters, humidity and snow. I do miss the ocean though.
    Thanks for stopping in for a read.

    Hi JMD,
    I don't usually go out for dinner. I do go out to lunch but I eat salads mostly so they are safe.
    I also love my crock pot.
    Thank you for coming today.

  6. The sunshine and warmth sounds awesome! Happy for you and your plants!

  7. Hello tinycamper,
    It has been nice during the day and the nights have warmed up some too. Yes my plants are happier out on there stands in the sun. :)
    Glad you came today