Monday, January 14, 2013

Another One Gone

Yes today was another cold one. There should be 2 more
of these and they it will go into the 50's OH joy. But at
least the nights are going to go up into the 30's and that is
better. Been having to let the water drip at night to reduce
having frozen pipes again.

I was told my mechanic had a van for sale on Sat. so I went
down this morning and it was already gone. It was only
a Astro Van but the price was right. Just keep looking
and waiting something will come along.

Made a stuffed eggplant today for the luncheon tomorrow.
And figured out why my yogurt pie's just weren't right the
last time. I didn't use enough cool whip, DAH! I had bought
one large container and didn't measure right. This time I
bought the regular sized containers and they are perfect.

I have not seen Little Green for a few days. Maybe she found
a new feeding station.

Good Night All


  1. As soon as that warmer weather gets to you forward some of it on, please.

  2. Wish the van had worked out, but you are right... another will come along.

    Even though I have my little Casita, I have also drawn up all kinds of plans for converting a van to a camper. Sure is fun and helps pass the winter days!

  3. well! boo hiss on the van ... I tell you what! when your van gets itself to you! we need to party down!

    cold here! ~ 28 degrees with an expected low of 23... man oh man ~ this is a bare bones motel room but ... it's warm! with a view ;)

    nighty night ;)

  4. Good morning John,
    Man I hope it comes soon, I have had enough now.

    Hi tinycamper,
    I guess I could sit and play making a design. I pretty know what I want to do but I should put in a drawing. That should be fun.

    Hey Carolyn,
    I got you beat with the temp it was 10 degrees last night. Even though I double covered the hummers feeder they froze poor babies.
    Sure glad you in that bare bones motel

    Thank you everyone for stopping in for a read.

  5. C'mon Springtime! I think we are all about ready for it!

    Sorry you missed out on the van!

  6. Hi Honey,
    Aw thats OK something will turn up sooner or later.

    Yes I am so ready for some nicer weather.

    Thanks so much for stopping in on such a busy day for you.

  7. Here in SW Lousiana it is in the 30's and drizzing. Very damp and bone chilling.

    Often I, too, will prepare a dish and wonder why it wasn't quite right. Then maybe a day later will remember what I left out. Like one time it was cornbread. Forgot the baking powder and wondered why it didn't rise!

  8. Hello Phyllis,

    I wonder if there is any good weather anywhere right now.

    We walked about how each side of the country the temp feel so defferent. The cold here seems so very bitter and of course everyone is sick with something or other.

    As I was preparing for the luncheon today I keep remembering what I for got to add. At least I was still in the prep stage so I could go back and fix it.

    Try to stay warm and out of the dampness if possible.