Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fred Has a New Jacket

The weather here had been changing all day to the bad stuff. I knew Fred's sweater wasn't going to be warm enough to cut it. So I ran over to Big Lot's today and found him a goo ski jacket. If that isn't enough I can always put his sweater underneath. While I was there I found some really
good bargains on Christmas decorations for next year.

Then ran to Safeway for some fresh veggies for veggie soup. As I was getting ready to put it together I realized I forgot the broth. I think it was the prices at Safeway that made me just grab and run. Man their prices are high but they have great produce. Not as nice as Trader Joe's but more expensive. Good Grief.  I had left something on my neighbors porch railing and it started getting pretty windy. I called her to see if it was there and she said yes and that she was at Wally world. I told her how I forgot the broth and she was kind enough to buy it for me.  That soup was great. Loaded with lots of  veggies.
Thank you Twyla.

I also made cheesy chicken in the oven. I just hope when everything cools down I will be able to fit it in this way to small fridge. I better not make anymore stuff or I will have to go buy another fridge.

Here is a picture of my stained glass I got at Good Will for $6. I think it should be long ways but for now I will keep it this way I really love looking at it and can't wait to see how it will look when sun shines through it.

I see blogger isn't in any hurry to fix downloading the pictures and this way they go anywhere they want and the enlargement panel is behind view blog so I can't enlarge this picture. OH well lets see if I can download Fred's picture. I should have used the flash.

Trying to get ready for this big freeze that will be in full swing tomorrow night. Making sure the hummer feeders are full and I want to crochet some covers for the bottles so maybe they won't freeze. And hopefully I will remember to let the water drip too.

Good Night all


  1. Haha Fred's got a new ski ski? jacket... so cute.

    wow $6! really pretty. Well? it's supposed to be almost here in Little Rock tomorrow then plunge... sigh

    It is winter time... boo

  2. Fred is ready for the slopes. Looking pretty hadsome in his new duds.

  3. Nice flea market find! The stained glass is nice. And Fred looks so cute in his jacket.

    Stay warm and cozy!

  4. Good morning Carolyn,
    Fred would be the lady killer of slopes don't your think.

    I love stained glass but to find them at these kind of buys in rare. wouldn't this piece look great in your gbabies momma house over the doors? But she can't have it.

    Hi John,
    Yep very handsome indeed and he is quite proud of his mew jacket too.

    Hello tinycamper,

    I love this stuff. Maybe the sun will come out while it is still on this side of the house so I can see what it looks like then.
    We are going to do our best to stay warm so far its in the low thirtys at 7:30am which it has been but tonight should be in low 20's

    Thank you all for stopping by have a wonderful day.

  5. Princess don't be such a brat. Your gonna make him feel bad.

  6. My neighbor has Fred's new girlfriend (she looks just like him, minus the spiffy jacket) and her name is Molly. I am sure she would be quite smitten with Fred as handsome as is is looking.

  7. How neat would that be. Fred loves other dogs. Does Molly have the grey markings?

    1. My feeder was totally frozen also and I will bring it in before nightfall. Our high was a balmy 37! Aaaargh. I feel like I live in Canada.