Monday, January 21, 2013

Looking At RVs

I have no idea why I took this picture but you can see ahead a
pull off there is a maker there but we didn't stop.
Rock piles like these always amaze me, It is just one big jumble
must have been one great quake to just throw them like that

OH, OH are we there now?  Yippee!

I had no intention of leaving the house today except to sit out on the porch and take walks with Fred.

But one of my friends called and needed a ride to get treatment for her back so I said sure enough.

After her treatment she said lets go do something fun. OK so we hit a few car lots looking for vans and nothing. We decided to go have lunch and go home. Of course on the way to Sunny Daze we found Lazy Daze RV. OK what the heck lets look around.  They had Tab Tear Drop trailers I absolutely love them. But at $14,000. not going to happen. I spotted what I thought were Aliners but they are new by Forester or Rockport. But they do not have the easy lift kit and they weighted far to much to pull with my car. I told the guy we needed to leave as my friend was not feeling well. He was still wanting to go to the office and discuss financing which I had already told him I would not do. So we just walked out.

Off we went to lunch at Sunny Daze. Had a great salad and some great coffee. This place service the best food and the best coffee.
 Maybe tomorrow I will remember to do the post above the pictures. :(P

Good Night All.


  1. Those RV's keep tugging on you like a magnet. Someday it's going to happen.

  2. Good morning John,
    I know but so far I keeping my money in my pocket.
    But it get really hard sometimes.

  3. When the right one comes along, you'll know !

    I need to start looking at small RVs myself! Never hurts to dream, right?

  4. Hello My Friend,

    Yes I know it will come but getting antsy to go places.

    Yep it's good to start looking never know what might catch your eye. Always good to be prepared.

    Happy to have you stop by today Thank you.

  5. Hahaaa that sign. well? it was a nice picture of it.

    Yeah... the right van will come along . as I've said before you'll be out and about and come to a screeching halt when you see it.


    night ;)

  6. Hello Carolyn,

    It was what you call a whorl wind trip for sure.
    Oh I'll find one just hope there isn't some one sitting in it that still wants it.

    1. lol .... maybe they will be sitting in it just waiting for someone to come by and ask if it's for sale... hah! did you see the little tent camper thing on Sherry's blog? soooo cute but not a van...

  7. Almost certaily not earthquake. Possibly moving water (like a glacier). Most likely it's erosion. The boulders form underground, with softer rock forming around it. When uplift brings them to the surface the softer rock erodes away, leaving a "pile of boulders".

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