Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Hawk

OK these are the pictures I tried to down load last
night. I had called Carolyn from amigoinsomeplace and
started talking about this problem with down
downloading pictures. Carolyn walked me through
this HTML thing and I was able to download more
than one picture.
As you can tell it was starting to get dark so the pictures
are not very bright.

Today was a slow day and I didn't do much. Trying to
finish the baby blanket so I can get it over to a place
that takes in children removed from their homes.
I have another blanket and a few hats for them also.
Wishing you all a very good and safe weekend.
Good Night All


  1. Great! looks beautiful.... I love those kind of gray black pictures....

    fun talking with you as always and hey to Fred ;)

    g'night and that is so very cool about the blankets...

  2. I'm sure they will appreciate the baby blanket, what a nice thing to do!

  3. Congrats on getting the pictures posted. Having worked with Family Services in Missouri, you can't imagine how much that blanket will mean to some child. Wonderful work.

  4. Loved your bird pictures!

    So cool that you are doing something -- from your hands and your heart -- for those who really need our help.

  5. Nice hawk picture. Hope it isn't eating green :(, my husband was able to get a pretty good picture of a hawk that landed on our fence in our tiny yard.

    Are you a knitter?

  6. Good morning Carolyn,
    It was good talking to you to. I gave Fred your hey and he waged his tail back at you.

    Hello kgaz,
    Thank you I love making these blankets and other little things.

    Hi John,
    I know how hard it is with budget cuts and the children are already suffering enough. A little blanet our a little hat makes such a difference to them.

    Hello JMD,
    No it wasn't little green I saw her yesterday in the bushes. Don't think catching her is going to happen and will give the cage back..

    I crochet tryed to knit but 2 sticks is more than I can handle.

    Thank you all for coming and the kind words.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. You are a wonderful human being. Babies need blankies and many cannot knit, crotchet or anything, like me I only do quilts, but I watch for sales for the ladies who can do everything and I buy it, that and food for the poor which is staggering this place I live. I have always loved Tucson, wanted to live there before my marriage to my childhood sweetheart we are in the pacific northwest and not seattle where we wanted, we may go back to colorful Colorado all the people I worked were from Tucson and the finest people I ever met and worked with and still friends, I think it has something to do with sunshine, it was always in abundance in colorado and I know it is is in Tuscon even though it gets cold from your blog I read each day. God'Blessings to you in 2013 and all you do to help others, plus hope you get to sell your place and get what you want in the way of a nice homy, comfy motorhome! ciao!X()

  8. Thank you for your wonderful and kind words. I enjoy crocheting very much it keeps me busy and my hands are moving all the time. There once was a time when I couldn't do much for my own and so now I want to be able to help others who are having a hard time in life. Children are so defenseless and need all we can give.

    Hope you find your way to sunshine soon.

  9. Hi Jo, Back again, where do you buy your yarn? All we have is the Walmart. I also crochet, terrible knitter. Threw that all away long ago.

  10. We have Michael's but also buy at Walmart it is much cheaper there. Just that Michael's had a big sale last week and the 1 pders were on sale for 3.99 that was a real gonga.