Saturday, January 12, 2013

Yes It Is Cold Again

When Fred and I went out for the first time this morning it
was 24 degrees. Of course Fred had on his new jacket.
But he just did his thing and ran for the stairs. I bet it's cold
on his feet. As long as he is done then it is back in for me too.

I didn't get to see the kids today but we will try again for
tomorrow. I will pick them up at their church and go have

Since I didn't have any other plans I went to the Tea at the
Club it was nice. The Ladies did a great job.

Then it was back home and back in my sweats. It stayed
cold all day and it is very cold now. It is already down to
30 degrees and I just turned on the water to drip in the

My little crocheted covers didn't keep the feeders from
freezing. I took them down and placed them on a table
near the house and covered them with a towel between
cozies and the heavy towel they will not freeze.

Little Green made it through the cold night. She was out
at the feeders this morning. She is a tough little bird. Who
knows how long she has been out in the wild. I refilled the
feeders again today. This is every day.

I see these people are sending their junk comments again. I
guess they don't know how to read. I thought blogger had
a spam file? I guess they really don't read these blogs
because their comments are so false and down right dumb. I deleted the last one it was just plane stupid.

I called today about the Realto and it is sold, but Pete said
he had just a plain old van there. I will go look at it Monday.
I did say that was what I was going to do so I better stick
with the plan this time.

Have a safe weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Stay warm, we are freezing here in Scottsdale too.

  2. Warm thoughts coming your way. We're next in line for the cold here.

  3. It turned warm and muggy here. tomorrow, more rain, then it'll get cold again. my body is confused! Tank top with sweat pants today ; -)

  4. I am really sorry you missed out on that Realto. Your description made it sound almost perfect for you. We were out all day yesterday looking at RV's but nothing affordable that seemed like it would be trouble-free. Maybe late this spring they will find one....
    Oh, you made a liar out of me... I just posted it wasn't cold! ;-)

  5. Good morning kgaz,
    The temp on weather bug said it was 21 degrees my out side therms say 12 degrees I believe them more.

    Hi John,
    thanks for your warm thoughts. I hope your temps don't drop this low.

    Hello Cyn,
    It just hasn't warmed up at all here for about a month. but these temps are down right wrong for Tucson!

    Hi Sunny,
    I think missing out on the Realto might have been a blessing. The cost to maintain all that stuff is way to much for me. I need to stick with the plan this time for sure. Going to check out a van Pete has there I know he went over it with a fine tooth comb because that's how he is. Going to look at it tomorrow.

  6. 'afternoon, Jo ... it's 37 here and I'm cold too.. but after reading Sunny's post... I'm not quite so cold!

    Going to stay in - Charlie is on his way home from the hospital ;) - it's raining and jeeeeez with the ice! There seems to be no spring or fall any longer... this global warming stuff - crazy weather ... BUT I have pictures of Charlie and ongoing texts and Hills Brothers cappuccino and LEMON cake ... and the lake view to keep the smiles coming!

    all is well - hope the van works out for you! The maintenance of a MH does make me shy away too. Homer is soooo easy. ANd what great fun to just be able to have stayed in the hospital parking lot all cozied in in Homer waiting for Charlie! instead of a cold ol couch in the waiting room!

    love Homer... I really do

  7. PS. Jo... that teapot cozy is knit. Would you like the pattern?

  8. Hey Carolyn,
    So glad everything went so well for little Charlie and his mom. They sure make a great looking family.

    Yes I don't need a mh they are just to big an expense for my pocket. I need to stick with my plan. I have most of the materials needed to do the inside with insulation and even a twin size futon to put in there for a bed. I wouldn't be able to stand in this one but at least I could sit up on the futon. My freind will wire it up for electric, to do a micro, toaster oven,coffee maker and an electric heater.

    I'm glad in all warm an cozy in your little room overlooking the lake with a nice hot cup of cappuccino and a nice lemon cake. Just had me a nice hot bowl of home made veggie soup and now going to make a hot cup of Chai tea with spice.
    Temps are dropping fst now that the sun is down.

    Glad to see you here tonight.

    Hello Sunny,
    Can't knit to many sticks. :( but thanks for the offer of the pattern.
    Thank you for stopping by.

  9. get fred those shoes we saw at pet smart LOL