Saturday, February 16, 2013


Boy the wind was blowing today but it was warm.

When we got to the other side of town where the Cracker Barrel is there wasn't any wind.
We had a great lunch and talked a lot. Of course what else is new.

After lunch everyone thought we should go to Kohl's. So we did.
I found the red wine glasses I have been searching for to set on the Christmas table. During
Christmas they cost $14.99 each. Today with the clearance sale and Lois's discount they
were $2.38 each. So I grabbed 6.

On ward home we came and the wind was still blowing on this side of town. 

Fred and I went for a walk and didn't stay to long as the wind was blowing sand everywhere.
Later my daughter Debbie came by with gifts for me and we sat and gabbed. Lots of gabbing
going on today.  I'll post her gifts tomorrow.

I had already put 2 of the glasses away when I decided to take this picture. The glasses
were my gift to me. the little bird which has scented little beads in it, hand soap and
 some sachet pks were from Kathy.
The ornament that says Wacky Friends make best friends came from Barb and the
pottery bowl with the little colored things which Lois made are scrubbers. I love the
colors she used.

All this celebrating is going to make me need to walk around this place at least three times
a day. But it has been great fun with lots of great friends new and old.

Good Night All


  1. Wow, all those gifts it's just like Christmas all over again.

  2. Good Morning John,
    Just as good as Chritmas I guess. It's my birthday! I try to celebrate as many days in the month as I can. hahaha

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love those glasses.

  4. Sure looks like some great gifts! I sure like those glasses. Nice color!

    Again, many happy returns sweetie! Hope you have a good day!

  5. Hi Trouble
    Thank you. I love them too.

    Hello Jim my Special Freind,
    Thank you so much. I am having a great day.

    So glad you stopped by for my special day.


  6. Good deal on the wine glasses & I like them! Cute gifts you have there. And yum on Cracker Barrel.

  7. It's your birthday?! My blog roll thingy is not updating properly... I don't understand...

    wine glasses ! what a steal... and well, happy birthday, Jo!