Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tubac Art Festival

It seemed like a warm sunny day today and for the most
part is was sunny and mildly warm. Found that out when I
walked Fred just before the ladies picked me up. It was a
good thing so I could grab a jacket.

We headed down  HWY 19 to Tubac, AZ.
It was about 10:45 am when we arrived and things were
in full swing. Lots of people already there including several
bus loads.
I was a good girl and only bought some one a B-day gift
and one small bowl for salad to add to my dishes. It really
didn't seem all that crowded.

After walking around for a while we decided it was time to 
leave and go have lunch. So off we went to the Tubac
Country Club and Golf Course. I had posted about this place about
a year ago. The food was great and it gave us a chance to
catch or breath.

I didn't bring the Canon so the pictures aren't that great.

These are carvings made from trees felled in fires. The
lady came over and asked us to not take pictures. It's to bad
because the artist was great and the detail of his carvings
was just beautiful.

 I would love a piece of this stained glass.
 Sure can tell the differences in this Kodak compared to the

 I asked this guy for a date but he just stared at me woodenly

Have a great weekend everyone
Good Night All


  1. I see you like the strong silent type.

  2. heheh Good morning,
    Yes but not that silent. Conversation and good laughs are very important.
    Have a great day John.

  3. I wish you could have taken more photos of the tree carvings, also. The one you did take is amazing!

  4. I wonder why she didn't want pictures taken. I would think publicity would be a good thing. Maybe afraid of copiers?

  5. Hello tinycamper,
    They has some amazing ones on the inside. The details where so perfect.

    Hi Phyllis,
    I think that is the reason but man they could do so much free advertising with people taking pictures of their work. You would have to be really good to copy this art.

    Thank you both for stopping by today.

  6. Hahaaa.. not much of a talker is he... lol

    What days you have, Jo! dadblast m'hide ... I do hope the weather starts getting a little warmer for a bit! I wold really like to take some side trips. I just get so lethargic! lazy assed ol woman!

    g'night! ;)

  7. I really enjoyed Tubac when we visited our friends in Tucson a couple of years ago. Thanks for the nice reminder.

  8. Ah, sounds like you had a good time there. Is this an annual event? I'll have to put it on my calendar for next year. I don't think my bro and s-i-l knew about it.