Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

It was time to wash the bathroom and laundry room rugs and floors.
After they were washed I hung the on the outside railing to dry and washed the floors.

I also needed a few items from Walmart so ran over there and picked up what I needed.

The rugs were dry already so down on the floor they went.

I looked up the  fees for the Reservation camping. It is $8. a night or$175. for the month and you can go from one area to the next in that month. Not a bad deal at all.

Went on a few short walks since I can't be out in the sun to long. Two more days of that med and I am done.

The weather has been so nice and I can't be out in the sun. What a bummer.

One more week and I am on my way to adventures for 4 days.

Good Night All


  1. ah you did update... I was about to close it down for the night ... I know you'll be glad to get away and be able to get back in the sun!

    night ;)

  2. You sure were energetic today. Another good day and a day closer to the Tombstone (Arizona that is).

  3. We were in the Florida History Museum and saw some RVs from the 1920s named the Tin Can Cabin…Hope you get to feeling better and that the weather there warms up.

  4. Good morning Carolyn,
    Yes I have started gathering the stuff. I use snak bags to carry Freds food and he is always trying to get to his going away bag. Silly dog.
    Glad you checked one more time.

    Hello John,
    Yes feeling pretty good.
    Yes Tombstone is in AZ. it is the place they made the OK Corral is.

  5. Hi Randy and Pam,
    Welocme. The Tin Can Cabin was my first place in the Whit Mountains. I sure loved that place and miss very much. Lets see what adventure I wind up doing this year.

    Thank you for coming.