Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Open Market or Something Like That

What a beautiful day it was today. 82 degrees and mostly sunny. Perfect day to go to
Green Valley and the open market place. There were lots and lots of people. But man
 that parking lot leaves a lot to be desired. People just park anywhere as all the parking
lines are long gone. We went in Kathy's big huge Suburban and parking that takes some
room. So she drove to the very end and found a space .  They sell just about everything
and anything.
From metal works, jewelry, lotions and potions, Nice fresh veggies and fruit from local
growers. They had crochet items and some knitted things. It is very large. Barb bought
some Aloe lotions and I picked up a really nice egg plant. Kathy didn't find anything of
 interest or of need.

As we were making out way out I ran into Sunny of Changing Lanes. We chatted for a
bit and she is leaving tomorrow to continue her adventure before heading back home.
Have fun and stay Safe Sunny.

We then headed to a Mexican restaurant there and well we wont be going there again.
The food had no taste.

I took pictures as we road down the highway.

They must of gotten lots of snow on the Santa Rita Mountains
even with all the sun and warm temps there was still lots of snow

Tomorrow blood work and chest x- rays so
 early start
without my coffee, It will be waiting for me in the car
Good Night All


  1. Glad to hear the weather improved to outdoor shopping quality. Shopping always beats staying home and watching weeds die.

  2. At least you had a chance to get out for a while!

    Sorry to hear about the tasteless food. I hate it when that happens!

  3. Good morning John,
    It sure was a nice day to walk around and get some color back. Yes watching weeds die can be boring annoying when they don't die fast enough.
    Thank You for stopping by today.

    Hello Jim,
    When the weather is good it is alway nice to make sure you take advantage.

    I hate paying for food that isn't worth the money.

    Thank you for coming over for a read.

  4. hello jo sure hope you got your coffee and all tests turn out good. And maybe a much better lunch. Lucy

  5. Thanks Lucy,
    Will you be back on the 14th?

    1. I dont think so. there is a lot going on here right now. they have a st pats day dinr and dance they bought me a ticket for so be here till then at least Lucy

  6. Hi Jo, wonder if u would share the name of the restaurant as we will be going there in the near future and I hate getting tasteless food. We always pick a Mex restaurant.