Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sporting Goods Stores

Today I felt a little better so I wanted to go out and get a porta potty for the trip.

First went to Wally World, the only one they had was $79. didn't want that. Next was Sports Authority they had nothing. So I went to Big 5, the only one they had was the aluminum framed one and I didn't want that. I refuse to go to Camping World. I don't understand how these stores can sell every kind of camping equipment and not have porta potties.

Came home and ordered the Luggable Loo from Cabelo's. I should have it beginning of next week.
I had one once before and when I sold the Chalet I let it go with it. Now I need to not forget the kitty litter and the heavy duty plastic bags.

Good Night All


  1. That's got to be a most interesting shopping trip. Shopping by mail makes it hard to test drive.

  2. Glad you're better, Jo ... but you have a lack of Vitamin D??? with all that Arizona sunshine?

    I have neck and shoulder muscle pain too ... it goes all the way down when it wants to to my hip. Been told it's the sciatica nerve.

    whatever it is I don't like it. But I have found something very interesting ... there is a very sore spot on my neck by the neck bone (connected to the head bone) … if I can stand to just put pressure on it... the pain goes away eventually and even down my right side!

    I've also found that by standing with nerd posture! it will also help that goofy muscle. just hate it. stretching helps too. But yours is different and more painful I guess... but I'm glad you're not letting the doctors run over you...

    I have a Walmart hassock type porta potty and I use the odor control trash bags... no need for litter. unless you intend to potty potty. I potty in a public bathroom if one is available. I have pottied in the bag but then immediately trashed it. don't like to tote my potty potty about.

    yer welcome... lol... I even put a stadium seat on top of my potty for a great seat!

    You get better now, y'hear

    no time for pains and aches and such

  3. Good morning John,
    If I hadn't had one before I may not have been ready to order such a thing. Driving a porta in the store can be alittle daunting.
    Happy to see you this morning.

    Hello Carolyn,

    Well I don't know about feeling better. I think I may have to go back to the Dr.
    I looked at the hassock potty and I liked it. But to lug that around for a few days was not a good thing. And I didn't trust Walmart to send it on time.
    I will have restrooms for daytime use but I am not going wandering around at night. It's snake wake up time. I preffer the kitty litter so I don't have to carry around sloshy stuff.

    Glad you stopped by.

  4. Jo, have I missed what you will be traveling in? I know you're constantly looking for a van and you have a motorhome? and a trailer? I think I need to understand what you're doing. ha

    Why would you be lugging a potty to begin with? You take it outside your motorhome? wth ... what am I missing.

    Even when I stay at WMs ... wherever .... I take out the trash bag and just empty it on the grass in the parking lot. I figure if dogs can do it... so can I. I've watered quite a few flowers... I only use mine at night and in the mornings and empty it before I leave in the mornings.

    I'm going to go back a bit in your blog to see what I've missed.

  5. Carolyn,
    I don't have a motor home, I am going to be staying in a cabin for about 4 days that doesn't have running water or bathroom. The bathrooms are across from the cabin and that will be fine for the day time but not at night. Driving my car to Tombstone, AZ. Meeting some friends at the RV park there. They have motor homes.

    1. Ahhhh well? I reread your About and that's when you had your motor home. I thought you no longer had it..

      oh, wow! in a cabin ... I see. what fun.

      So far ... I only potty during daytime hours... never had to potty at night... never much thought about that ...

      If the cabin is such that you could just take out your leak proof odor control trash bag instead of the bucket ... just let it water the ground. With your bad shoulder ...

      I used the same method with my Mother who made it from her bed to her potty chair by her bed. instead of emptying that ol bucket that came with it ... I just lined it with these bags ... saved washing the bucket and kept it clean.

      I also used the pine pellet litter back when I first started using a porta potty in 2007. I traveled with my cats and I'd fill my porta potty bag with a bit of litter as well as their pan ... oh, me... the odors just got to me... lots of baking soda boxes placed throughout Homer. ;)

  6. Jo, I had a Chalet before this trailer. That's how I met the great group of ladies I used to camp with. Some of them use kitty litter. I had the large porta potty from Thetford, I think. I just carried it over to the restroom to empty it when through or to the dump station if one was available.

    Take care of that shoulder.

  7. Carolyn thanks for the tips.

    Hi Nancy,
    I liked the Chalet but couldn't lift the top. If I could find a Aliner I would buy one of course it would need a lift kit.
    Working on this shoulder. Just got a call from the Dr. office they said it looks like some kind of infection. Pills on the way. Great more stinkin pills but if they work I will take them.

  8. Hope you get the porta potty thing all fixed up! One of those "necessaries" it's hard to do without!

    Take care of that shoulder, sweetie.

  9. Hi Jim.
    It should show up in time to take along. I sure hope so.
    Thank you for stopping by today.