Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Made It Yahoo

Pulled out at 6:30 am and ran the heater it was cold in Tucson.
Didn't hit any traffic anywhere. Got into Globe around 8:45am walked Fred, gave
him a little food and water.
Topped off the gas tried to get all the dead bugs off the windshield. And was on the
road again by about 9:15.
Arrive in Pinetop at 11 am. Right on schedule. Liz and Lucy came right over and helped
unpack the car. Pulled all the pots out from under the trailer and we went and had lunch.

The trailer will get moved Monday morning around 7:15. So I put things away and
tomorrow will pack some things so they don't roll around. Tues. I will have to empty
the shed so it can be moved to the new space.  Wed. may be take a break day.

Didn't need a jacket or even a flannel shirt. Just a t-shirt. I made sure I put the flannel
sheets on the bed. It is starting to get a little chilly but the heater is on . I'm sure I will
sleep well tonight.

Good Night All


  1. Glad the trip was a safe one and now that you are getting settled in. Sounds like you're going to busy until Wednesday, don't overdo.

  2. Good morning John,
    I't is pretty darn cold out there this morning.
    Fred and I had to bundle up good for the walk.
    But yes have to take it easy to get used to the Altitude change. Just to a little at a time.
    Have a great day!

  3. Gotta love flannel sheets. A few times I've taken them off too early in the season and had to put them back on.

    You and Fred have pleasant walks out there in the chill air, you hear.

  4. Hi Phyllis,
    Yes love the flannel sheets.
    Fred has a nice warm ski jacket but he isn't all that thrilled with the cold. Cry baby! No can't say I blame him.

  5. So glad you made it there finally!

    I gave my Mom a set of flannel sheets, but have never bought any for myself. Maybe it's time!

  6. Yaaaaaa ..... Glad you made it to your summer home safely !!

    Now that you are there, you can just slowly get settled in and take your time.

    Have a great time ... Tnt


  7. Hi tinycamper,
    flannel sheets are the bomb as my grands would say. They are great. I don't think you will find them is stores now but maybe online.

    Hi TnT,
    That will be tomorrow after they move the trailer and I will be so happy to really get settled.
    so Happy you stopped by today.