Thursday, May 2, 2013

Since The Weather Stinks

Since we all seem to be having the same crappy weather I won't complain to much. The wind was awful and had to be the worst so far. It started really early this morning. It also was really chilly.
Tonight's low is going to be 27 - 29 degrees. I have the water dripping now so as not to forget and opened the cabinet door near the sink.

I figured might as well make the best of the day by doing projects in the trailer.  The bars in the 2 closets on each side of the bed where way to low and the t-shirts hung on the floor causing them to get quite wrinkled. I took them down which was not easy since you can barely get both your arms in there at the same time. But after much contorting I fixed them both.

Then the medicine cabinet door was a bear to get open. On inspecting the problem it was discovered that who ever put the catch on did a terrible job it was so crooked. That at least was an easy fix.

Next was the kitchen counter.  Last year it started coming up and I put some glue on it it didn't work. The guy who used to work here for us tried another glue. Well when I came back once again it was coming up.  So I put some construction caulking under and we shall see what that does. Piled some heavy stuff on top and will leave it for at least another day. I used this stuff to attach some bird houses to the wall in my Tucson yard years ago and I still can't get them off.

Vacuuming and dusting were next.

Finished a hat I was working on too.

We did get in a few walks but they were fast as the wind was so strong, blowing dirt and dust all over the place.

Hope we all have a better day tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. boo on the weather... whatta spring!

    good night, Jo ;)

  2. Glad to see you didn't get blown away and it sounds like you were productive in spite of the weather.

  3. Good morning Carolyn,

    I guess there won't be much spring this year.

    Hi John,

    I stayed in and yes was productive. Feels good to get things done that have bugged me for awhile.

    Hoping for better weather today.

  4. Sounds like you are independent too. Can repair things by yourself.

  5. Busy, busy, busy-your middle name, Jo! It's windy and rainy, here, today. I'll take that over hot and humid, any day. I dread the arrival of the summer heat.

  6. Hi Trouble,

    I can do lots of stuff but not as much as before.
    That bugs me to have to get someone to do things.
    Oh well time marches on.

    Hello Nancy,

    I have to stay busy or I can get really lazy, then the food takes over.
    Yes the heat is not my friend and then it get humid not my thing at all. When we get into monsoon season it can be nasty. Up here in the mountains it isn't bad.

  7. Those little chores are the ones that can be really irritating! Glad you got them fixed!

  8. Yep, at least you got things done inside. It's gorgeous here today, except for the winds! I got gas, the winds tried to steal my gas cap! Then they tried to steal my drivers door when I opened it...glad the RV is parked! Last night, I was rocked to sleep...all night long. A little bit like living in a tree house when you sleep on a top cab.

  9. Hi Jim,
    Yes I wanted to just scream a few times. that is one small closet space. And there are 2 of them. I can't imagine what they were thinking when it was installed.

    Hello Cyn,

    Those winds were really something. I like that you feel like your in a tree house.
    Glad I didn't have outdoor chores yesterday.