Friday, June 7, 2013

Camping Part 2

While Liz and Lucy where out in the boat they spotted a huge nest that last year they thought was Bald Eagle. But this time they saw the Osprey parents. They also ran into a beaver that was not happy to see them. He was slapping his tail on the water to make them go away.
There are many Osprey at this lake. I either don't have the right camera or I just am not fast enough to catch them in flight. But they sure are beautiful.

So many birds. But I was surprised to see a Mexican Jay. They aren't even listed in the area bird guide. These birds are many in Madera Canyon but I had never seen them here before.

Liz the mistress of the grill. Made the best pork chops.

Cutting up a delicious tomato. Everyone made and brought things.
We all had hat hair and lots of brown dirt on us. But someone cheated and went home to get something and took a shower. We did have a shower room so Liz and I used that it sure felt good.

 Sorry for the blurry picture but he was moving fast and I don't focus fast enough

This was the morning we were leaving just after sunrise

This morning was 4 loads of the dreaded laundry. And pulling things out of the shed to re arrange things and put it all back since
an ice chest was added and the screen room. I laid out the fake grass on the deck and sprayed it all down on both sides to get rid of the brown dirt dust. I left it spread out so it can dry out then will fold it and put it away until next time.

In the morning I have one more load of laundry. I figured it was a good time to stop using the flannel sheets and with all the bedding off it is easier to pull up the mattress to reach the storage area and put camping things back. It will be so nice to be done getting dirty and my house back in shape.

Spend some time sitting out side with Fred, reading a book.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

Good Night All


  1. Okay, I get it now. You're at your place in Pinetop, and you take camping trips in the Truck of Adventure.

  2. Sounds like a fun time, too bad the ugly laundry was waiting to bring you down to earth.

  3. Good morning Roxie,

    Glad you understand now. :)Yes we go on adventures.

    Hi John,

    And what dirty laundry it was. It sure doe's bring you back down quick. One more to go but is is home bedding.

  4. why do you have such bad laundry? you must change clothes or get... you wallow in the dirt? you always have dreaded laundry to do...

    jeeeez ... I guess I just must be dainty and don't get so dirty. well, it could be I don't like sand and dirt. OR it could be that I'm dirty and just don't know it...

    HAHAaaaaa... sigh ... Liz looks mighty serious about those pork chops. ooooo pork chops by a lake ... the smell! good stuff

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    When you camp like we did you get dirty. Sleeping bag, comforter, Fred stuff very dirty. Clothes were black some got washed twice. Now I have to buy bleach to rewash again. But for now I am done.

    I think Liz was trying to avoid the camera. haha
    But yes those chops were wonderful.