Sunday, June 2, 2013

Getting Ready To Have Fun Is Hard Work

Picked up Liz, at  8:30 am and headed to Walmart for out license and a few odds and ends.
Got home and realized I didn't buy water.
 But did pick up a rug for the screen floor. Of course the new thing at Walmart is we
don't sell that here and when you find it and show them, their answer is That must be a
new item. I think I have gotten this answer 3 times in 2 weeks. I swear it is just plan

So tomorrow morning I am back to Walmart to see if they don't sell anything else.  Like
bottled water and hot dogs and buns.

The fake grass was on a huge roll that barely fit in the back of the truck. I unrolled it and
folded the grass into a nice manageable square.

Liz and I drove around the campground and she showed me spaces I didn't know  were
there. Lots of campers today since it is the weekend and it is free. Hope they have left by
Tues. so we can get a couple sites we picked out.

I was talking to one of the neighbors that came up yesterday and after awhile another lady
came and said they were looking at the little deer. I ran home and grabbed my camera but
they had already move out farther. There is a huge female that keeps watch over the herd.
The others are much smaller. And of course I could not see the little ones.
Big Momma keeping watch. As you can see she still is wearing her winter coat.

Good Night All


  1. Sounds like you are slowly assembling the supplies. It will be funny to see you've forgotten. Can't be a camping trip unless something is forgotten.

  2. Hope you get some time to relax after all the running around.

  3. Good morning John,
    I'm sure things will be forgotten. Something usually is. But we will have plenty to go around.

    Hi Teri,
    So do I. Getting pretty tired. :)

  4. That's what lists are for,,,starting a month earlier....lololol.

  5. Without a list I am lost, with a list less lost. lol

  6. You need a pant-loop camera. So you don't have to keep running home to get pictures.

  7. Hi Roxie,

    I should stop leaving the house without it better yet. I can just hang it from my neck. :~O

  8. My experience is that either Walmart no longer carries what I need, or they have moved it so I can't find it!

    Looking forward to photos of your campsites!