Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Back!

Yep the wind is back and will be blowing for the rest of the week. I
had planned on doing  some BBQ meat tonight but figured it would not be wise with the wind. So I took out the toaster oven and broiled it in there. It was still good but sure would have liked it BBQ.

I sure didn't do much today. Sat out and read for awhile but the wind is causing really nasty allergies.

I have to do something tomorrow or I will start getting antsy. I do need to go to Walgreen's and pick up my meds they have called twice now.                           

Other than that  nothing went on today.

Good Night All


  1. We really had some wind up on the Mesa today and the fire danger is high. I think one started around here somewhere today, but not sure where.

  2. You toaster ovened meat? no kidding. well how ... I mean the only way to do that is by broiling, right? well, I don't eat meat any longer anyway... ha

    BUT can't you brown the meat in a skillet then place it in a crockpot and slooooow cook it and baste it with whatever sauce you like?

    jeeez that sounds good. I do like good barbecue

    g'night ;)

  3. Good morning John,
    Yes the fire danger is very high here. I didn't see anything about a fire near you yet. I have that little icon about fires I should check it. Makes going camping a little unsettling.

    Hi Carolyn,

    You can make just about anything in toaster oven,
    I always line my little pan with foil. Yes you can broil too. 3 oz. of meat doesn't take all that long to cook. And you can add anything to it.

    OH and it was gooood. Don't eat much meat anymore but once in a while just have to have it.

  4. I use my toaster oven every day. Best appliance ever made. Did you take it outside? That way it might have felt more like BBQ. lol

  5. Hi Trouble,

    You bet I did. But it still wasn't BBQ. :(