Friday, June 21, 2013

Kind Of Busy

Headed out to Wally World to pick up a few things. When I pulled out my list it was not
the right pad.  So tried to remember (right). I did pretty good only forgot 1 thing. But I
keep forgetting to stop at Ace to pick up a crank for the vent in the restroom. I need a
longer one.

Then  Lucy was given to recliners so had to get help loading them on my truck and drive
over to her place. They are having a big yard sale there. I walked around and picked up
some old style s&p shakers from Tupperware, a large spatula and Grammy shopping cart.
All for 3.50.

The the shed was in need of organizing again. I had bought a bin so I could combine
 more camping things together.

Then it was on to the house. I wanted to get rid of a 3 drawer plastic thing from the
closet. I now have a bag to donate and managed to empty the drawers. I moved it out
to the patio for now.

So I figured it was time to relax and watch some TV, wrong there is nothing to watch.

I did catch a little of tonight's sunset

Have a great weekend
Good Night All


  1. Busy, busy. It's not easy chasing down all the bargains.

  2. Good morning John,
    No it isn't. I'm tired.

  3. I put a note app on my cell phone to make my lists on. but....sometimes I still forget to look ;-)
    hope today can be relaxing for you!

  4. Will be off to a swap in a little while then who knows where else. :)

  5. well hope the fires peter out... jeeez that's awful. I love saving money ... BUT I save so much a lot of times that it depletes my being able to save cash flow...

  6. You got that right ,,, about tv. I record movies so I have something on nights like that.

  7. Hi Carolyn,

    Haven't hear any more about the fires.

    Hello Trouble,

    I don't really watch much tv anymore. Since they started with all these stupid elimination shows. How annoying