Sunday, July 21, 2013

Another Soggy Sunday

Of course the morning was sunny and bright. But the mosquitoes were out in force already. So making breakfast outside was not going to happen.

I was making some Churchill Cottage Cheese Pancakes (recipe from Edifice Rex Blog) when Lucy was at the door. Worked out great as I had someone to share the pancakes with.

After cleaning up I took Fred out for a walk as I could hear the rumbling off in the distance. I swatted away those stincken skeeters and couldn't wait to get back in the house.

I messed around on line for a long time while the rain came down.
Got bored with that and turned on the TV. That lasted about a channel surf around. Then talked to my sister for awhile.

Lucy called and asked if I was in the mood to go to lunch. Well Hell Yes!  So I changed my close and off we went. Stopped at the Red Devil and had a wonderful meal that I brought home half for dinner.

We drove into Show Low to Walgreen's so I could pick up my script and just wonder around the store playing with toys. Well!

There were some awesome clouds out there but of course I did not bring the camera. I'm sure tomorrow will be more clouds so maybe a ride out that way or anyway will produce some good clouds again.

Then returned home to hang around again. Looked up more RVs and cab overs. 

Hope ever one enjoyed their weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Are you living in a swamp? Rain and skeeters, it sure sounds like it.

  2. wandering around playing with the toys ... HAHaaaa.... I bet the clouds are awesome.

  3. Good morning John,

    It sure feels like it.

    Hey Carolyn,

    I think my brain is getting water logged. Might as well play with toys keep myself amused.

    Yes had some great crazy looking clouds.

  4. I envy how busy you are, Jo! Oddly enough, it hasn't been as hot here as it has been in other parts of the country, but it's still too hot for me. I hate the bugs in the summer and tend to hide from them. Hope you find the right RV. Lunch? Yeah, lunch with friends are always fun. :)

  5. Hello Nancy,

    The bugs are bad from all the rain. I look like I have a decease already with all these bites. Going out to lunch is a great diversion.