Thursday, July 18, 2013

From Heater to Fans

Woke up to 50 degrees this morning. Had to turn on the heater for a little bit to take the chill out.  Then it warmed up really nice and had a beautiful day sitting outside. Took outside pictures of the trailer to post on Craig's List with the indoor pictures posted before.

BBQ a small steak for dinner. Then came the skeeters to chase me indoors. I used SSS Bug Guard Plus but it didn't help. And I hate the smell so off to the shower I went and my day is complete. :)
Broad - tailed male

This was a tiny little plant my sister gave to me on Easter I transplanted to a bigger pot and here it is.

Mr. Rufous
Good Night All


  1. When I buy the trailer I want the birds included, but you can take the skeeters with you.

  2. HAhaaaa Shoeless ... love the flowers and birdies ... 50 degrees ... nice here right now and as I wrote earlier ... high was 83?! something like that.. but back up to steam bath tomorrow.


  3. I have always liked the SSS Insect Repellant with Bug Guard, but I use the one in the white container. I notice they have a new one that comes in a darker bottle. The smell of the white one is ok with me, but any scent can be annoying.

  4. Good morning John.

    Sorry the skeeters are included no extra charge.

    Hey Carolyn,

    I really enjoyed being able to sit out yesterday but boy do I miss my screen room now. No point in buying another one.

    Hello Gypsy,

    I have the one in the white, just never liked the smell.
    There is a new spray out that doesn't have the greasy feel which I can't stand will check it out next time I go to the store.

  5. I hope I have reached my quota for mosquito bites. Yikes. Had OFF! Deep Woods spray on and I am beginning to think they like that stuff.

    Really like the flower plant, do you know what it is called?

  6. Where's the pics of the trailer? lololol. But love the flowers and birds.

  7. Hi JDM,

    I don't remember but they do come in a variety of colors. Mostly pink or red. You can find just about anywhere they sell flowers even just for indoors.

    I think mosquito's think I am a chocolate bar or something.

    Hi Trouble,
    On Craig's List, now need to post them here. I did that last year when I bought it. glad you like the flowers and birds.