Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lots Of New Things

My trailer is officially for sale. Sign went in the window and tomorrow a bigger sign will be put out front. I have a guy coming to measure for a new awning. The awning is in bad shape. Rather than give and awning allowance I prefer to put in a new one. I will post on Craig's List tomorrow.

Then it was off to the Show Low Museum. This place looks like its very small. Well it isn't and we never finished because I spent so much time in the train room. Will have to go again to see it all. Of course I may spend all my time in the train room again as they are still adding more things. The cattle and people are so tiny they can sit on top of your fingernail. The man who painted all those cattle has palsy hands. I believe he painted 78 cattle. There were also chickens but I couldn't get a clear picture of them because they were so tiny. Most all pieces have been made by 3 men who work the display. It will take a few post to get this all shown.

We then left as we all needed some lunch. Went to another place that was also a baker. :( NOPE did touch any of it. Had a turkey burger like I have never had before. It was grilled will a slice of pineapple, spinach and onions. Very good and a very comfortable place.

 There is a place in Holbrook, AZ. that is a real Motel

The guys in the background build most of the displays they are working on another mountain

 most displays are from AZ. towns. Mining, logging and ranching.
The logging company you see here is from McNeary right down the road from Pinetop.

We made it home just in time as a really big storm hit. Had hail, lightening lots of thunder and buckets of rain. It is raining again as I post. OH and more lightening and thunder.
Good Night All


  1. the place looks awesome and the pineapple turkey burger sounds even better of course without the onion for me. great pictures Jo

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  3. I saw your postings on Facebook and it looks like you have had a busy day. Hope a buyers shows up on your doorstep soon.

  4. Need to get caught up again I see. Love the railroad stuff!

  5. What will you do once you sell the trailer?

  6. Hi ld,
    Place is awesome you should go there sometime. The name of the restaurant is Persnickety on Deuce of Clubs Rd

    Hi John,

    Yes it was busy but wonderful. Yes hope buyers come a knockin.

    Hello Cyn,

    Can't wait to see the completion of the mine on the railroad line.

    Hi Nomad,

    Look for a small trailer of some kind to tow. Aliner, pop up, Scamp just something real light and small. Preferable an Aliner.

  7. Loved your museum pictures.

    And how exciting that you are selling the trailer and getting a camper. Wow! Happy for your future travels! :)

  8. Hi tinycamper,

    Should have done this last year. Sometimes don't know what makes me do dumb things. But now to find that little towable.

  9. What a cool place, great pictures! I can't wait to see what you buy, I bet it will be great. ;)


  10. Good luck with the sale, Jo. I'm trying to catch up reading blogs after a "hiatus" of sorts. Glad you're enjoying museums, etc. Pats and scratches to Fred.

  11. Hi Erik,

    Yes I must go back when I hear the rest is done. Of course there is so much more than trains it is the history of the White Mountains.
    I'm already looking at Aliners and Pop Ups but who knows what I will find.

    Hello Nancy and Jack,

    Hope you are doing OK? Some times we just have to take a break for blog land.