Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blog answers and today's travels

Thank you everyone for all the well wishes and having fun stuff.
Nomad I hope you take a ride out to see us. Rainbow Campground Big Lake loop d.

The trip went well. Stopped in Globe as always and just when I got Fred back in his kennel the sky opened up. I gave him some food and I ran to the restroom and bought me a coffee. The rest of the way up the rain stayed ahead of me so it was a good drive.  I had on shorts all day and it sure got cold. But I was on the move most of the day so I carried around my sweats everywhere I went and I went to visit lots of people.

The wind is very strong today and I kid you not as Lucy and I walk through a parking lot we got hit with such a blast we almost went down. I thought someone had pushed with all there might.

Tonight I am at Motel 6 so I could do this blog and read comments left from last night. Thank you all for the well wishes and I know I am going to have a great time.

Someone told Lucy about this neat way to warm up or campers. Using a small to med. clay flower pot and the clay dish. Put a candle in the dish and turn the pot up side down on the dish The pot will make heat and the hole in the pot will keep the candle from going out. We found pots with a few slits around the bottom so that should work really well.

Good Night All


  1. Time to get the long underwear out as you head up the hill. Make sure the candle has ventilation, don't want to do yourself in.

  2. Welcome back to the white mountains! I'm a good 110 miles from big lake, looking forward to how the new set up works out. Stay warm up there.

  3. Good morning John,
    I have my sweats on and thermal shirt getting ready to head up. I will keep a window cracked open.

    Nomad I thought you where closer. Will be sorry not to see you.

  4. So good to see you on the road! Stay warm! :)

  5. Have a great time, Jo! I have to catch up, again. Just no time for blogs trying to get ready for my trip five minutes at a time. I'll go back and read to see where you are headed. :)

  6. love the pictures! and what a cool idea with the candles! anxious to learn how that worked!