Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Escaped Today

It was really chilly this morning but it felt good. Different
from the chilly in the mountains. Of course it is drier down
here too.

I was going to have someone out today to turn on the furnace
and do a few repairs but he was on call in Green Valley so
since that is his full time job he had to go there.

I realized I needed to do laundry so I got that started and
remembered I didn't have fabric softener so I ran out to the
shed to look for the sheets I had out there. Of course I
couldn't find the. They have been in my face since July.
So I called my sister thinking she might still be shopping
but no she was done and brought me over a couple sheets.
They sure had a very strong smell. I don't normally use
sheets they are not good for your dryer. But in an emergency
they work.

I sat out on the porch and started to paint my Santa, now I
know why I quit painting. So I quit and just sat around doing
nothing. This is getting on my nerves now. So I figured it
was time to go to the store. I just drove over to the Family
Dollar Store for my fabric softener  and more Tide.

I had also been looking for dark purple hand towel since I
put up the new shower curtain and of course I found it there.
Also picked up some treats for Fred. It felt good to get out
and walk a little and see different things.

I did OK. Tomorrow my sister will pick me up and get our
hair cut and then come home and change into clean shirts
and go to lunch. My treat on the lunch since it is her

She will do the driving since I still have some pain and
don't want to push it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Good Night All


  1. way to go Jo, shopping always gets you going. It was near freezing this morn. could even get some snow by weekend. Hope your doing better, tell your sis happy birthday.

  2. Sounds like your had a pretty productive day in spite of trying to do nothing.

  3. I'm glad you got to escape for a while today! Sometimes a little change of scenery is like a tonic!

  4. When I use dryer sheets I always tear one into thirds and the smaller piece works just as well as the entire sheet. Normally I don't use fabric softener at all except when I have something that is clingy.

    It's nice to have your sister so close. That's how I am with my daughter.

  5. Hi Lucy,
    Better get put those long johns. Of course as long as the snow is light it is pretty. Been in a few up there. We should be warm for the next 2 days then into the 80's.
    Stay warm say to everyone for me and I will wish my sister a Happy from you.

    Good morning John,

    Yes have to stay active somewhat or I'll bounce off the walls.

    Hi Jim my Friend,

    Yes getting out even for just 1/2 hr. was like a tonic. I settled in after that.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Sounds like a good measure with the sheets. I use liquid I like the no static and I don't put everything in the dryer so the softener works well.

    Not only is my sister close but I have some really good friends here too.

  6. 'morning, Jo

    Hope you have a lovely day ... ;)

  7. Hi Carolyn,

    Thank you. So far got the hair cut I really needed. Foot not happy about the sock and shoe, but I need to get things done.
    Sis is doing the driving

  8. Jo, I, too, am laid up right now with a broken ankle so I know what you're feeling. Just getting up & moving around a little helps keep the blood flowing. Good to hear your sister is a help - mine is great, a big help to me and we do lots of things together. Take care.

  9. Hello Jean,

    I still can't seem to get into your blog. I could read some of your problem but then I can't seem to get it to open. I am not a techy person, LOL Hope you heal well.