Saturday, October 19, 2013

It Took Me Forever

I finally found out how to change the picture. Then I couldn't get the picture to do what I wanted it to. So I gave it one more try and there was the fixed picture in my photos. I had to do it in spurts cause I have no patience.

Matt, showed up this morning and got the furnace fired up and fixed its cycle problem. He said just call him if it starts to cycle to fast again.  He drained the hot water heater and said it wasn't very bad at all for how many years it's been. So I'm sure it will warm up now but at least I'm ready for the cold. He re-taped the pipe out back and said it had to be glued down or it would have blown as soon as the water was turned back on.  Maybe the pipe glue was just to old or something.

I drove down to the mail boxes today since I haven't picked up the mail all week. The boxes aren't that big so it was packed.  I wasn't going to back into the driveway but I know I have to keep practicing.  I had a little trouble but didn't hit anything and it was pretty straight. :)

We walked a little and I hope tomorrow I won't be sorry. I really need to go get a few groceries.

I finally figured out the new Tom Tom today. So it is set for Monday and getting me to the scan place.

More porch sitting and reading was done today.

Good Night All


  1. I really like the picture, and would love to see the camping setup. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you on Monday.

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    Thank you. I know I took pictures of the inside but can't find them I must have deleted them. I do things like that. I wonder if they are on RVBuddie's photos

  3. All in all an ok day 'eh? I would like the porch part. :)