Monday, November 25, 2013

Just a Few More

Our temps have really dropped today and tonight between 36 - 40 degrees. But the air smells so crisp with all the rain and colder temps. As I was driving this morning I looked over to the Catalina's and they had snow on them and also the Rincon Mountains. I love seeing the snow  way up there so close but yet so far.

The Newly Weds just left they're still so giddy.

Tony and his 90 yr. old Nana

By now you all know this is Danny but the girl in the back is granddaughter Mellisa
 Tony's mom Barbara
 Two more of my grand kids Aliya and Anthony

Good Night All


  1. awww nice pictures of your family and I'm with you at looking at the snow ... that's beautiful but... that's a whole nother thing

    'night ;)

  2. nice where is your pic in your outfit? Alyia looks so grown in the pic her hair is long and yes it is COLD out. hahah

  3. I bet you are ready to just flop down and relax after the festivities. Everything seemed to go so well, and everyone looked happy and gorgeous!

  4. Loved seeing the pictures and sharing your day, Jo. :)

  5. Beautiful family and family members. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Warm things up so you can send it this way.

  7. Hello Carolyn,

    Best way to see the snow is in the far distance. May get more rain in a few days so there will be more snow up there.

    Hey Lucy,

    FB has more pics look there. Aliya is really growing tall and thin. All the kids are so grown already.

    Hi Gypsy,

    Thank You and yes I was so ready to flop and Sunday I did. Yesterday did some running around. Today have to do more.

    Hello Sharon,

    Glad you enjoyed all the pictures.

    Hi Weekend,

    Thank You

    Good morning John,

    I'll do my best to warm things up so I can get out and camp. I really need it. Seems you all got the colder stuff there.

  8. What would we do without our family?? We share a history and we share our love.

  9. Hello Sondra,

    Exactly building memories with the fun and bad times.