Wednesday, November 20, 2013

More Shoes

We had the most beautiful sunrise this morning and I didn't have my camera. I hope to get it back tomorrow.

I was starting to panic about being able to get the flower for the bouquet but we found that Costco will have nice fresh roses Friday morning. I don't have a card but Barb does and we will go pick them up.

Kathy and Barb picked me up today and rescued me from my insanity. We went to lunch and had a great time. We also went to Michael's because I found a bag in Barb's car. So I whined and they went back. Nobody bought anything. LOL But we did stop at Pay Less Shoes and I picked up a pair if flats for when my feet start to cry over the other shoes. I hated to buy them because I know I will never wear them again.

While there one of my friends that I shared and office with called me today to let me know she has been laid off from the same place we worked. I think she will do well in finding another job. She has a great background and Resume`.  We had a long phone call and laughed our fool heads off. We are going to meet for lunch soon with another ex coworker.

Good Night All


  1. I hate to buy shoes that I know I won't wear again. I had thought (but not for long) that I would get a dress for last week's occasion with my family, and a pair of high heels. Fortunately I scrapped that idea after thinking it over for a few minutes!

  2. Hi Gypsy,

    They tried to talk me into a dress. They gave up fast. I buy the nicest but cheapest thing I can find because I don't go out anymore so why waste the money. High heels will never be put on these feet. I just got a nice pair of sandals with a higher heel, and the flat shoes for later.

  3. Tennis shoes and cut offs for me!

  4. I do envy you your pals.... rescuing you from you insanity ... wow.... how wonderful that would be!

    raining and cool here today....

  5. Hi Jim,

    I would take you with me just like that. Happy Birthday!

    Hello Carolyn,

    I have many good friends like that. It is a wonderful gift to have these kinds of friends
    It's cloudy can breezy here and a little chilly too.