Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tad Warm Today

Last night had a big old pack of Javelina in my yard. They stink so bad and are very destructive. I was afraid they might bend my poles to the screen room. I banged on the window and some went away but one just looked up at me like WHAT!  They moved off around to the back and then down the other side. I opened the door and Fred went nuts. I am so happy  to have the gates at each entry to the porch. They used to come right up there and cause havoc all over the place.

I sat and enjoyed my coffee this morning in no hurry to do much.

I made a big croc pot of a recipe I found on tinycamper's blog. It turned out really good. But I think my rice cooker is ready to be retired I sure hope not I love that thing.

I took the screen room down today. The hardest part of all was trying to get it back in that cute little carrying case. But I finally got it in there.

The rest of the day was spent reading on the porch. But it sure was warm today we had a high of 88. I guess those nice low temps we had was just to tease us.

OH and someone put a Harbor Freight paper on my porch with a neat little heater, flash light and defogger circled. You can plug it into a lighter but Lucy said to buy a cheap batter and she will show me how to hook it up to that. So thank you who every put it there.

Good Night All


  1. Javelinas are one nasty creature.
    I'm surprised you got the screen house back in its case. That is never an easy trick.

  2. Javelinas??? wow... well? that's the way it was with my pop up ... never did get it in a circle again for its case so I just bungee corded it in a figure 8.. haha

    whatever works... I don't believe I know what Javelina is... have to google ... sounds awful ~~ oh, my a wild pig?! here in Arkansas we have the wild boars .. Razorbacks... mean rascals... that's why our University's football team is called the Razorbacks... haa

    night ;)

  3. It sounds like someone is looking out for you. I've ever bought anything at Harbor Freight, but love to look at their ads.

    If you are having trouble getting the screen room in its case, are you trying to roll it? I have a carry bag that came with my screen room, plus a smaller bag for the poles. I stuff the screen room into the bag, the same as I do for my tents. If you store them folded or rolled up for any length of time I hear it isn't good for them (especially a tent).

  4. Yikes! Javelinas! I would have been terrified! You sound so calm about it.

    Glad you tried the hopping john. Hope you liked it. I fixed another small batch of it yesterday, but I cheated and used canned. It was not nearly as good.

    We had a high of 70 today, but it is supposed to get cold Wednesday. We will probably head home a day early because we can't sit outside in those temperatures.

  5. I looked Javelina up just to make sure it was what I thought it was! Are they dangerous. Looked like a wild boar to me. I just googled for a picture of one. I'm curious and will go read about them.

  6. Didn't yall see Old Yeller? That's what they are.

  7. After answering all these comments they just went away Thank you goodle or blogger.

    Good Morning John,

    Yes they are horrible creatures and they stink to high heaven. Before I had the gates they thought my porch was party central. Filthy things.
    Amazing I got the screen room back in the case on the second try.

    Hi Carolyn,

    Those pop tents are great to put up but not so great to fold back up. Had that experience before.

    Jalelina remind me of wild boar and can be just that destructive. Nasty creatures and they smell really bad.

    Hello Gypsy,

    Yes that was really nice of someone to think of me went they saw that little gadget. I will be on that side of town today so I will pick one up and maybe even the tarps or painters drop cloth. My friends husband has the gadget and said it works great.

    The first time I just rolled the screen room and there was no way it would fit. so I laid it out flat again and started corner to corner from the bottom which is the largest part. then folded it was still a little harder to fit but it did and then I put the poles on top to hold it down better. Walla zipped it closed.

    Hi Sharon,

    After living her for so long you just have to remember how dangerous they can be especially if they have young. They have tusk and can tear into flesh. And did I mention how bad they smell? Fred goes crazy when we go out in the morning after they have been in the yard.

    The hopping johnny was very good and I now have 5 servings in the freezer. I put some salsa in it while it cooked in the crock pot. I am still going to find the Tex-Mex. I'm sure the Food City carries it .

    I hope you can get the screen room with the wind breakers so you can sit out later at night with a little propane heater. Then you wouldn't have to leave early because of the cold.

    Hello Nancy,

    Javelina can be dangerous if cornered or surprised and if they have babies. Usually don't see them during the day mostly they come around at night. They have very bad eyes sight but make up for it by smell. Don't know how they can smell anything over their own stench.

    Fred sends his love and we both send pats and hugs

  8. Hi Trouble,

    Nope never saw the movie myself