Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Everything Is Done Yippy!

It was still quite cold this morning so I started the truck and came back in the house for a few minutes until the heater was throwing out hot air. Picked up Anthony and we got started on the front yard.  Finished that up pretty quick and moved to the small village. We finished everything my 2:30. Anthony moved all the totes back into the shed and I took him home. He did most of the work but I sure was tired.

It was nice to get the mess cleared up and tomorrow after I go donate things for the Adopt a Family and then stuff to Big Brothers, Big Sisters I can come home and run the vacuum and dust.

 Anthony brought the cord through the hole in the table and now the large skating rink works. The figures move around the rink and the tree lights light up, it also plays music but we turned off the sound.
 And the 3 piece train was added today, it was a gift from one of my granddaughters a few years ago

Now to sit back and enjoy it!

Good Night All


  1. Very cute..... I feel I should break out into song.... It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas!! Great job!!

  2. I'll say sit back and enjoy it.... boy, for someone who was lacking in Christmas stuff .. you did beautifully!

    I still have an ornament on my ceiling fan pull from a couple of years ago... it's a subtle one and we like it ... so it stays .. and that's about the extent of decorating around here since we got this house ~ three years ago or has it been four...

    sad innit... just not in the mood.... love the music and seeing others' lights ... not too many in this neighborhood ... old people or yuppies... not much in between... the yuppies go home to their fancy parents' homes... no kids

    us old people hang an ornament and know that's all we have to clean up after the BIG day.... used to sweep up needles for months afterwards ... but what fun it was. sigh
    I might get another ornament out of the closet.... I dunno... I love my Pooh Bear one ... so many many ornaments from the years .. I have a closet filled with plastic storage boxes with nothing but Christmas stuff... used to be my favorite time of the year ... maybe if the b'babies come here... I'll get into the spirit... dunno

    1. lacking in spirit stuff... yawn.... ;)


  3. I take it you have gathered all the villages and pieces a bit at a time. What a collection!

  4. Everything is so festive and pretty, Jo!

  5. Hi Klb,

    Thanks for the song and yes it is starting to feel like Christmas. Thank You.

    Hello Carolyn,

    Give it a try you'll like it. Bring out some stuff it works. Go get a small fake tree and sit it somewhere.

    Hi Gypsy,

    It started a few years ago when we cleaned out the garage to sell Dad's house. We found boxes of stuff my dad didn't know was there. He didn't pay much attention to what she dragged home she was a hoarder, then went to yard sales, swap meets and after Christmas sales. People even gave me things. It's been fun.

    Hi Sharon,

    Thank you

  6. Very cool and I can see how watching Anthony can make YOU tired.

  7. Hello John,

    Yes he works very hard and is very fussy about everything.
    That can really make someone tired.