Thursday, January 16, 2014


I downloaded Flickr today but don't have a clue how to transfer the pictures to the blog. Help

I found an Aliner today on Craig's List. It is the model I want and the price is pretty near perfect. I'll give him a call in the morning. And sleep on it tonight.

Good Night All


  1. Ooh, an Aliner. I hope it's exactly what you want!

  2. Hope you get it figured out. I have some friends who have an Aliner. They pulled it behind their jeep an a trip to Alaska a couple of years ago and loved it.

  3. those are soooo cute! so you would tote it behind our truck with the camper?

    I know nothing about Flicker ... surely it has instructions? Blogger is google run and I use its drive to manage my pictures ... well, I use iPhoto in my Mac but the pictures are stored in google via my blog.... or something like that .. it's free! and that's good.

    good night ;)

  4. Hi Gypsy,

    They are so hard to come by anymore. We shall see.

    Good morning John,

    They are great little light weight rigs. Easy to tow. But I have to see if I can lift it. Then there is the problem backing up. I have enough trouble backing up the truck into the driveway.

    Hello Carolyn,

    This picture stuff is driving me nuts now. If I can't post pictures after this trip I am going to change over to another blog spot.

  5. Aliners are so cool! Will you use the truck camper for storage?

  6. Hi Sharon,

    Don't think I will go with it.

  7. I suggested Flickr to you but I don't use it so can't help you. Actually, you don't have to transfer the pictures to your posts, just make a link to the pictures at Flickr.

  8. Hi BBC,

    Tired of playing with this.

  9. In Flickr there is a Share button under the photo, there is an orange B on there for sharing to blogger, you use that and it should auto post that one photo and your description to the blog, the description becomes the blog post I use Flickr to post all the photos to my blog,...if you want to add multiple photos, go the photo you want to add, click the three little dots on the right under the photo select all sizes, and click on the size photo you want, when it comes up small, med. large etc.... then when that size comes up right click>copy image> then go to your blog post and right click>paste. It may take a couple tries for you to get the hang of it. You have to have Flickr and Blogger open on different tabs, and work back and forth...wish it was simpler....Hope it works for you....