Monday, January 6, 2014

I May Live

Today has been slightly better. At least the headache is gone for the most part. A little late for the season to look like Rudolph but oh well. Still coughing like crazy and pulled a muscle but as long as I don't move much it's OK. But with all the coughing it's painful. Maybe by tomorrow I will improve more. We shall see.

So many of you are in some real freeze temps. Stay warm if you can.

Good Night All


  1. Poor baby, I'm sorry that you are sick.
    I Rx morning and evening a level teaspoon of ground cayenne, with a large glop of honey, and 2 oz Jack Daniels Black in hot water. Shake or stir well.
    or a teaspoon cayenne, in 1/2 cup or more cottage cheese with fruit cocktail or sliced peaches.

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  3. Hi vlad,

    I give it some thought

  4. as I said on Facebook ... it had to be due to my double whammy! yeah...

    glad you're on the mend! ;)

  5. Hi Carolyn,

    Well if it was then thank you. :)

    1. you too young to remember Mammy Yokem and Evil Eye Fleegle's double whammies? Hahaaa... glad you're better