Monday, January 13, 2014

Wonderful Day

It was really cold this morning on first outs. Fred made it quick especially when he heard the owl.
I took a shower, made some breakfast and finished my coffee and off I went to the grocery store. After putting everything away I went out and sprayed the weeds.

I came in and had a salad. Drank a nice 24oz bottle of water and went out to work on the camper. I don't know how much more I can cut back on. So I guess it will be a small cooler since there isn't any room for a bigger one. I was able to remove one of the plastic drawers and put everything into a smaller tote. I guess after the camping trip I can figure out what else can go. Sure would have been easier if I could have found the van I wanted or a 4 door truck. But it is what it is.

It felt good to be out in the sun today. But it sure cooled down early and the wind made it down right chilly. Maybe tomorrow it will be warmer.

BTW Eric I did what you told me too and I still can't post pictures.

Good Night All


  1. Glad to see your days are going better. Keep it going tomorrow.

  2. All in all, doesn't sound like a bad day. It was sunny here today, but still a bit too chilly for me. You'd think it was winter or something out there! You'll get it right yet with your camping situation. :)

  3. Good morning John,
    Thank You yes they are. Should be another beautiful day.

  4. Hi Cyn,

    Yes a few camping trips should do it. With such limited space I need to really figure out what is priority and what isn't.

  5. Short camping trips really don't require all that much but we always load more than what we need. When I went to Montana last August to meet two blog friends I had a canopy on my truck and pulled a small gear trailer and didn't use much of what I took. But one thing I never go without is a porta-pottie. I also have a small fifth wheel I've filled it with so much crap I don't know what all is in it anymore. :-)

    I started having trouble posting pictures using Firefox so installed Google Chrome and now it works fine.

  6. Hi BBC,

    I hope to travel more this summer so the short trips will help me to see what I might live with out. I have never went long distances in such a small space. And of course the porta- pottie is a must have item it has its place of honor in the front corner next to the door. If this doesn't work I guess I will have to find a small folding trailer.

    I have tried everything to fix this problem to no avail. I use chrome.

  7. I was given an old crank up tent trailer and removed the old material and slide outs and it makes for a perfect gear trailer that is light and easy to tow.

  8. sounds like a neat idea. I think my friend has one that the rats ate all the canvas off

  9. I'm a retired master mechanic and good general handyman and builder with a lot of tools and equipment, and known as a survivalist here.

    The gear trailer has two tents, two folding camp cots, a fold up shelter, a 4X4 foot shower/porta-pottie shelter, a number of tarps and poles for rigging up rain or shade shelters, a folding table and some TV trays, a neat above ground fire pit I made, etc,etc, etc.

    If I decide to start 'snowbirding' I'll get a van that gets good fuel mileage, cut the roof out of it and make it taller, and remove the passenger seat to make better use of that area. I like dinking around doing things like that.

  10. Well that's good you can do that. I really wanted a van but couldn't find one with out a lot of miles. It sure would have be nice to find one but after 2 yrs of searching I bought the truck and then to topper. I'm just happy to be able to get somewhere.

  11. So glad to see you feeling well enough to work on your camper!

  12. Hi Sharon,

    Thank you. It's ready to roll. Had to buy another 30-20amp adaptor today. Can't find the one I bought. I'm sure it will turn up now that I bought another one. :)