Sunday, February 2, 2014

Good Day

It was chilly but nice and sunny today.

We took off for lunch around 12:30 and went up to the north end of town. I had a sweater on and I just knew I should have brought a jacket but OH NO not me. They had a nice patio to eat outdoors but it was just to chilly. We found a place indoors and it wasn't too bad. The food was OK. We wandered around and saw some neat stuff. Went to Crate and Barrel and loved the things we saw but none of us bought anything. But we had fun and it was a great place to walk around and wonder who can afford those prices in some of the stores. I guess some people can because plenty of them were carrying bags.

It is a really beautiful part of town the Catalina Mountains are just breathtaking. We took the long way home to avoid the Gem Show traffic.

We got back home and I finished setting things up for our little GTG.

Good Night All


  1. I don't even go into those kinds of stores any more, and you are right that the stuff is way overpriced. Plus, how much "stuff" can you cram into a house. I learned my lesson when I lived in NC - kept from cluttering it up and it looked like so much more space than I actually had.

  2. Pretty expensive those upscale stores, but you do get to parade around with their fancy sack and you nose up in the air.

  3. Have a good clothing during the chill season. Take care...

  4. We must have both been using the same side of the brain. We ran out to one store and I didn't wear a jacket...BIG MISTAKE. Took me the rest of the afternoon to warm up.

  5. Hello Gypsy,

    Not only the home décor stores but the shoes and clothing stores. We went into a shoes store I used to buy shoes years ago and didn't know they were even in business anymore. I spotted a pair of sneakers and I picked them up I felt like I was holding fire I turned the shoes over and they cost $199. beat a hasty retreat out of there.

    Good morning John,

    The only way I would parade around with one of their bags is if I found it on the ground. LOL

    Hi Weekend,

    The weather here can be so crazy. If you dress up to much then it heats up and your sweeting.

    Hello JMD,

    Just never know what to expect with this weather anymore.
    Dress warm and wham it turns hot. But being closer and higher towards the Catalina's I should have know better. But some nice wine helped warm me up.

  6. Looked at some of your past posts, I don't think those 12 volt heaters are useful for much, other than helping to defrost a windshield, they don't put out a lot of useful heat and drain a battery pretty fast.

  7. BBC,
    The heater will work fine for my little camper. And will run on it's own battery. Yes it will run down the battery and I'll just recharge it the next day.

  8. Oh, you will damn sure have to recharge it, but where I go camping there is no electricity to recharge batteries unless I start up my rig to recharge one, and that is expensive compared to using a little propane heater.

    I haven't camped anywhere where electric was available for years.

  9. Hi Jo... I get so used to saying hey on Facebook that I forget over here! ;) ... well? I don't shop any longer period. downsized too many times.

    Another great GTG ... ;)