Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Not A Lot

Another great day in the desert.

Ran an errand and took a walk to a neighbors house to get some information. It was just to nice of a day.

I didn't like the way the lock fit on the inside of the camper. It needed to be come out a little further  so it could pass the lip of the door frame. I hunted around the shed to see what I could find. I decided to try some of the blue insulation. One piece wasn't thick enough so I cut 2 pieces the size of the lock plate. Now I needed a little longer screws. Back for the hunt and I finally found some. Lock works perfect now.

It is really going to get warm here in the next few days so I figured it was time to make a turkey loaf. Tomorrow I will make a chicken dish. When it gets hot I don't use the oven. I will make crock pot meals. Of course turkey loaf can be made in the crock pot too. But it will be nice to have some meals I haven't cooked since last summer.

Good Night All


  1. I saw your new neighborhood position today on Facebook, does this mean that Fred is now working undercover?

  2. I just use the oven for everything. For some reason I don't do crockpot very well.

  3. I was just thinking that the days of using the oven are just about over. In the warmer months we tend to do a lot more bbq's and crock pot meals. I am looking forward to a bit warmer weather but we both know what the means!

  4. Good Morning John,

    Yep Fred in as undercover as he can get. LOL

    Hello Gypsy,

    I have a Crock Pot with a built in timer and hour control. But I think it still cooks fast that it says. I have lots of recipes for crock pot meals and I make plenty of them up.

    Hi JMD,

    Since I was spending my summers in the mountains for 4 years this year will be a challenge for me. I will take some trips but will be home a lot. So trying to get my mind around the heat.

  5. Summer normally puts the brakes on my baking too...I'm a heck of a microwave cook tho.