Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hot Day, Dr. Visit, Privacy Tent and Shower.

It is starting to warm up around here. 

I had been trying to reach my Dr. since last Thur. seems the best nurse he ever had is gone. She new the patience so well and when you called things  got done ASAP. So I got angry and insisted on speaking to the Dr. He sure has his hands full now and I finally got in there to get some test done. Time is running out before I hit the road. Prescriptions need to be updated and set up for 3 month supplies.

Had to run to Walgreen's to get one filled and then came home with a nasty sinus headache. So I walked Fred and we sat on the porch for a while and enjoyed the fountain and the birds.

I started to put up the tent but it was way to hot in here and I didn't want to turn on the a/c just to play with the tent.

This is the 2 Gal. sprayer turned into  a solar shower

And a picture of the privacy tent
 My daughter sent a text 4:30 our time that they where heading home. With a sad face. They will pick up the bird tomorrow.

Good Night All


  1. Thanks for the pics of the privacy tent & solar shower. I've seen the tents in campgrounds now and then. When I go camping someplace for a week (no motels) I usually use baby wipes and a change of underwear - quick and easy.

  2. The count down is on and the next trip approaching and all your ducks are in a row. Good job.
    Poor Fred is going to lose his pal, what ever will he do without Valentine?

  3. In hospitals we need to be little patience to see the doctor. They must have seen lot of cases so they will talk as usual. I too have sinus headache. Very terrible to manage. take care!
    Privacy tent looks good.

  4. The sprayer is a good idea...

  5. Hello Gypsy,

    I usualy with do the baby wipes too. But I do need a shower, hate dirty, smelly hair and the wipe only do a so so job after the second day.

    Good morning John,

    Thanks you how it gets when a trip is in the making.

    I don't know how Fred will react to his Valentine going away. He never gave up his attempt to reach the thing.

    My Dr. keeps his practice moving but now without the best nurse gone I just don't know how things will work out anymore.

    Hi Sondra,

    I like the sprayer much better than the bag. I can move the sprayer around on a small luggage cart as were the bag is way to heavy to lift anymore.

  6. Looks like you are nearly ready to go! I know you are looking forward to it!

  7. Great shower idea! Been enjoying hot showers here in NM

  8. Hi Jim,

    I am so ready to get started on this next adventure. I am going to meet up with one of my friends Monday to talk about some of the plans for this summer.

    Hi Nomad,

    Beats trying to lift the solar bag. I bet the hot showers are really nice too. I have hear so much about City of Rocks maybe I will hit that on the way home in the fall.