Friday, April 11, 2014

Nothing Much

There hasn't been much going on.
The temps are up so sitting on the porch doesn't last long. But it is nice to sit out to drink coffee now. Watching and listening to the birds.

Did some house work. Was supposed to go grocery shopping but just didn't get there. Maybe very early tomorrow morning but I bet I don't. I have figured out some of the food I need to do long term camping with out worrying about ice all the time.
 Those little cups of breakfast oats all you need is hot water, tuna in a foil pouch and also the salmon, rice packs that just need boiling water. There are lots of options I have found that will make it easier. When I get it all together I will take a picture to show the variety of things out there in a regular grocery store without killing the budget.

Kathy's granddaughter Sam was here today and was messing with the new camera.

Fred just thinking he is so cute

Hanging around Kathy's legs 
 Just checking out objects and color

 All tired out from playing with Sam.
Getting ready to head out to Madera on the 27 until I run out of time at the camp ground. My friend Terry said she wanted to go get in some time too but not that long. But that's OK. I would go sooner but have things the week before so I will just wait. But I sure don't want too.

Have a great weekend.

Good Night All


  1. Fred is sooo cute, at least in his own mind.

  2. Freds the man alright, camera is nice, no red eye or blurr on freds eyes, and his color shows up great. oh yeh he is cute.

  3. Hey Jo,
    Before I had a fridge id stock pile on Peanut butter, and crackers. Canned chicken with some taco seasoning on tortillas. Tortillas last forever. Canned Mac and cheese, instant potatoes, nuts, trail mixes, and of course beef jerky.

    When I was up in high elevations I kept milk, eggs, and sandwich meats in a cooler covered with a wet towel in a cool spot during the day, then set them out at night someplace high of course. Never had any issues. Hope this helps

    Give Fred a pat on the head for me!

  4. Good morning John,

    Are you making fun of Fred! He does love the camera.

    Hi Lucy,

    Can't wait to get to Madera and really try it out there. So much to learn.

    Hi Nomad,

    I have found so many good things to buy food wise. Yes canned chicken too. I'm OK without meats but the other stuff is great. Canned beans in every variety. Your tips are great and very much appreciated.
    I still don't know when I will head north. But going to give it my all at Madera to see what works and what doesn't

    Fred loved the pat.

  5. Fred is not afraid to take center stage. What a ham! lol He is looking mighty spiffy with his blue color on.

  6. Fred IS absolutely adorable!

    One of my favorite backpacking meals used to be a one pot meal. Boil water, stir in cornbread stove top stuffing and a half package of chicken gravy and a can of chicken. It tasted like Thanksgiving! It would be a good no-refrigeration-needed camp meal.

  7. Oops... actually I would boil the gravy mix for a little while, then stir in the chicken with the water in the can, then stir in the stuffing and let it soak up the liquid.

  8. Good idea to take foods that don't need preservation...I like those garlic mashed potatoes in a packet, you'll have access to boiling water its simple.... when I backpacked we were miles from no where so when we found a spot to camp if it was near water we would dip a kettle of cool stream water and carry to our tent site....and set our drinks in it (didn't submerge the sipping bottles just set them in) and by dinner it was a refreshing chilled experience!