Monday, April 14, 2014

Stinkin Coyotes

Today was pretty nice and I am wanting to get on the road.

I am waiting for something to come from Walmart and I may just get going.  Need to get out and breath some quiet time and see some green trees.

I was going to try and get some of the moon eclipse tonight. I set up my tripod and called Tom to find out what settings would be best to use. My friend Donna was walking past and she had a flashlight to help.  No sooner did I get going and here came those dang Coyotes.  Sounded like they were coming in through the wash. So Donna high tailed it for home with her little dog. She does carry a zapper with her but why take a chance. Didn't get much and what I did was a disappointment for me. Oh well keep trying.

Good Night All


  1. Get some good pictures, we are overcast here and can't see a thing.

  2. It's thunderstorming here tonight. No eclipse for us. Hope to see some good pictures tomorrow. :)

  3. Good morning John,

    I didn't make it fell asleep. Wouldn't have been much good anyway.
    Now I need a bigger lens. Not this year that's for sure.

    Hi Sharon,

    Sorry your weather didn't allow for you to see. If I show any good pictures tonight it will be because I stole them from someone else. haha

  4. I did get one shot last night before the clouds swallowed up the moon, I think I will try for the eclipse tonight...this is a pretty good moon shooting article.

    I know Coyotes are around but they dont come into our space..YET!

  5. Hi Sondra,

    Is it again tonight? Or is it something else. Guess I better watch the news today.

    Coyotes come in here often and so do those nasty smelly pigs.
    Even before I had Fred I had to put gates on my porch to keep them off.

    1. Nope I got confused and thought it was the next night..DARN IT!

  6. Rainy and cold last night ... didn't get to see it... rats!

    and coyotes ... wow... I believe I'd be heading on back to the house m'self... you hear of the lady attacked by a bear in her garage? or on the way her garage... whatever .. it was at her house! man ... she lived ... but the bear had her HEAD in his mouth! man oh man oh man ...

    I know I'm gonna die but dang almighty . that be a bad ass way to go... eaten alive... jumping jeeeeeeez

    Coyotes eat humans? or just kills us to watch us die. sigh

  7. First time I saw a coyote we were in the desert in AZ. I said to hubby, look at the poor dog someone dumped here in the desert. Yea, I'm a Yankee. Although they have found their way up there now too.

  8. We are still recuperating from last night's hiatus staying up to get pictures of the lunar eclipse and the blood moon. We got them but froze our behinds off. lol must be use to warmer temps?

    Coyotes walk down our street and behind us in wash during daylight. Foxes nap on other residents patio walls.

  9. Hi Carolyn,

    I don't think they eat people unless they are really hungry and there are lots of them and it sounded like lots last night.

    Bears on the other hand are bad ass. No cute cuddles from those this. A women was killed last year in Pinetop when she was walking her dog, After 17 surgeries she died from an infection caused by the bear. .

    Hello Phyllis,
    Yes they are very adaptable to all weather and season's they now are in all states.

    Hi JMD,

    I don't mind seeing them but not being surprised in the dark and I sure didn't want to use my new camera to wack him.

    I guess I could have tried harder to hang in there I really wanted to see the eclipse.

  10. I am getting anxious to get on the road, too. I leave San Antonio on May 5th and head to Cody, WY. I have been in southern TX for about 18 months now.

  11. Hi Teri,

    Yes I know you have stayed to be with your new grand baby who is just a beautiful little girl.

    But when the itch hits it's time to ,move on. :)